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Success Stories: Frank Gyamfi

Frank Gyamfi
IS Clinical Systems Analyst Associate/Project Lead: Cerner Location Build
Community Health Systems
Class of 2014, Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management

Hometown: Accra, Ghana

When Frank was deciding on a degree, he drew a Venn diagram with three circles. In those circles, he listed his top three interests—information technology, healthcare and management. He was still undecided until a friend mentioned his aunt had just graduated from the KU Health Information Management program.

Frank was intrigued. He began researching HIM and decided it was the perfect degree for him since it consisted of his top three career interests. We went back to his Venn diagram and wrote, “JACKPOT,” in the space where all three circles overlapped.

“If you’re a student contemplating the HIM program, be hasty,” says Frank. “Don’t waste time. Go for it, because there are so many career opportunities within HIM.”

While studying in the KU HIM program, Frank developed a passion for clinical information systems/technology and electronic health records.

Today, he works in the corporate office of Community Health Systems in Franklin, Tennessee, as a clinical systems analyst associate and the project lead on the Cerner location build.

“Eighty percent of my time is spent on managing projects. As a project lead, I manage cross-functional teams to deliver successful project outcomes,” says Frank. “The other 20 percent of my time, I function as a key member of my team, specifically maintaining the Cerner Security model and other Cerner Core duties.”

Best of all, his career incorporates his top three interests—information technology, healthcare and management!

Last modified: Sep 07, 2018

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