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Data Management and Analytics

If you’ve got a curious mind, love logic and have the ability to zoom in and spot patterns and trends in complex data, then a career in data management and analytics might be a great fit for you. Industry estimates show that by 2018 the United States will be short more than 1.5 million managers and data analysts with the ability to understand health care data and how to make sound decisions based on this information.

Health information professionals in this field work closely with managers and end users to prioritize the information an organization needs in order to harness the power of data. These industry leaders are able to glean information from primary and secondary sources and then filter and clean the data for analysis. A professional with analytics skills can become an essential asset to organization.

Murad Moqbel, Ph.D., MBA, former assistant professor in KU's health information management program, recommends data management and analytics because there is a tremendous need for skilled people with the ability to understand data, think from an organization’s point of view, and then come up with insights.

According to the American Health Information Management Association, data management and analytics positions are in high demand, including the following specific employment opportunities:

Last modified: Jul 08, 2019

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