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BS in HIM to MBA Fast Track Program

Benefits to the student in health information management

  • Priority admission for 1-2 students per year

  • Minimum $10,000 scholarship for MBA program to be paid out over the fall and spring semesters of the first year in the MBA program

Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management
Master of Business Administration
The KU Department of Health Information Management is excited to announce a new partnership with the KU MBA program which provides selected students in health information management a pathway to an MBA upon completion of their undergraduate degree. The full-time MBA program takes 16 months to complete.

Following completion of a degree in health information management, students selected for this opportunity take an additional 50 credit hours over the course of three semesters and a summer internship in the MBA program. Students take required core MBA classes and select a track to specialize in either finance or marketing supply chain management.

Requirements and Eligibility
The application to apply for this program is available only to students already admitted into the bachelor's degree in health information management program at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas.

  • Minimum GPA requirements: 3.3 KU and transfer cumulative GPA and 3.5 GPA on health information management course work
  • Minimum GMAT score of 550 (taken over summer between junior/senior semesters or early fall of senior semester).
  • Resume showing minimum one-year health care experience (by spring semester of senior year)
  • Statement of intent, one-to-two pages, due by February 1 of spring semester, junior year: Please describe why you want to pursue an MBA and how you plan to utilize your MBA in the future.
  • Selected student apply to MBA program fall semester of senior year.

The following outlines course work in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the BSHIM/MBA program. Course work for Years 3 and 4 would be taken on the University of Kansas Medical Center campus in Kansas City, Kansas. Years 5 and 6 courses would be taken on the University of Kansas main campus in Lawrence, Kansas.

Year 3, Fall Semester (16 hours)
HEIM 325 Pharmacology (2)
HEIM 435 Pathophysiology for Health Professionals (3)
HEIM 415 Healthcare Delivery Systems (3)
HEIM 401 Introduction to Health Information Management (3)
HEIM 301 HIM Culture & Orientation (1)
HEIM 501 Information Resources for Health Professionals (1)
HEIM 570 Introduction to Healthcare Management (3)
Year 3, Spring Semester (14 hours)
HEIM 525 Healthcare Database & Architecture (3)
HEIM 565 Clinical Terminologies & Classifications I (4)
HEIM 540 Health Information Systems (3)
HEIM 420 Legal Aspects of Healthcare (3)
HEIM 450 Intro to Professional Practice (1)
Year 4, Fall Semester (16 hours)
HEIM 571 Human Resource Management (3)
HEIM 575 Applied Statistics & Research Methods in Healthcare (3)
HEIM 585 Healthcare Reimbursement & Financing (3)
HEIM 635 Clinical Terminologies & Classifications II (3)
HEIM 567 Quality & Performance Improvement in Healthcare (3)
HEIM 510 Professional Practice Experience / Lab I
Year 4, Spring Semester (16 hours)
HEIM 671 Strategic Leadership in Healthcare (3)
HEIM 676 Healthcare Analytics (3)
HEIM 679 Information Governance in Healthcare (3)
HEIM 604 Professional Practice Experience / Lab II (2)
HEIM 665 Topics in Health Information Management (2)
HEIM 680 Management Internship (3)
Year 5, Fall Semester (17.5 hours)
DSCI 810 Statistics and Decision Tools (3)
MGMT 810 Managing People (3)
ACCT 810 Accounting (4)
MKTG 810 Marketing Management (3)
BE 810 Managerial Economics (3)
BUS 810 Application and Integration Course (1)
BUS 801 Professional Development Skills (.5)
Year 5, Spring Semester (16.5 hours)
FIN 820 Macroeconomics and Financial Markets (3)
SCM 820 Operations and Supply Chain Management (3)
IBUS 820 International Business (3)
MGMT 820 Business Law and Ethics (3)
BUS 810 Application and Integration Course (1)
BUS 801 Professional Development Skills (.5)
Finance or Marketing Supply Chain Management Track Course (3)
Year 5, Summer Semester (1 hour)
BUS 825 Internship Program (1)
Year 6, Fall Semester (15 hours)
MGMT 830 Global Strategic Management (3)
Practicum Course (3)
3 additional Finance or Marketing Supply Chain Management Track courses (9)
62 hours, bachelor's degree in health information management
50 hours, master of business administration
112 total hours
Last modified: Mar 08, 2021

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