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Research Committee

The school's research committee aims to promote and expand excellence in scholarly pursuits, especially research.

Research Committee Members



Term Ends

Mindy Bridges

Hearing and Speech


Holly Hull

Dietetics and Nutrition


Timothy Gengler

Nurse Anesthesia Education


Linda D'Silva

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science


Mark Chertoff, chair

Hearing and Speech


Susan Carlson

Associate Dean for Research


SHP Research Committee Policies and Procedures

rev. 8/11/2008

I. Membership

  1. Five elected members. Each member has a vote.
  2. Associate Dean of Research of the SHP as a non-voting member
  3. Ad hoc faculty member from the Department of Biostatistics & Data Science as a consultant and non-voting member

II. Selection of Chairperson

  1. Shall be an elected member of the committee
  2. Shall have at least one year experience on the committee
  3. Shall be approved by a majority of the committee members

III. Functions of the Chairperson

  1. Be a representative to the Steering Committee of the SHP
  2. Be a representative to the Faculty Assembly Research Committee
  3. Be a voting member of the committee
  4. Call, prepare agendas for, reserve rooms, preside at, and record minutes of the SHP Research Committee meetings
  5. Make two reports a year to the SHP faculty
  6. Be knowledgeable of the SHP Bylaws

IV. Functions of the Committee

  1. Coordinate SHP research proposal solicitation, reviews, and recommendations for funding to the Dean of the SHP.
  2. Review SHP proposals for the KUMC shared equipment grant and select proposals to support for funding
  3. Support Faculty Assembly Research Committee activities
  4. Organize annual Research Day Presentations by SHP faculty that have received SHP grants
  5. Coordinate efforts with the Associate Dean of Research of the SHP
  6. Archive research awards and activities of the committee

V. Procedures of the Committee

  1. A quorum will be three of the five voting members
  2. Issues brought to a vote will be determined by a majority of committee members

Last modified: Jan 06, 2021