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School of Health Professions Faculty Practice Committee

Faculty voted in spring 2020 to change the bylaws to reflect the new composition of the committee as consisting of faculty only from the School of Health Professions. One member shall be appointed from each of the school's eight departments. Previously, faculty from the School of Nursing also participated on this committee, with three faculty representing each school.

Faculty Practice Committee Members



Term Ends

Andrew Jones

Clinical Laboratory Sciences


Aaron Carbuhn

Dietetics and Nutrition


Rose McLean, chair

Health Information Management


Casey Redding

Hearing and Speech


Paul Bennetts

Nurse Anesthesia Education


Kelli Reiling Ott

Occupational Therapy Education


Linda D'Silva Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Science, and Athletic Training 6/30/2022
Cheryl Skinner Respiratory Care and Diagnostic Science 6/30/2023

Dave Burnett

Associate Dean for Faculty Practice and Community Partnership


Van Soriano

Office of the Dean staff support



Policy and Procedures of the Committee

A. Membership

  1. The faculty practice committee shall be comprised of one member from each department of the school, selected by that department’s chair, for a total of eight appointed members. Of the eight appointed members representing each department, at least one shall be a department chair. The associate dean for faculty practice and community partnerships may work with the school's epartments to ensure department chair representation on the committee, if necessary.
  2. Appointed members will ordinarily serve a three-year term and have voting rights. To serve as an appointed member with voting rights, one must maintain a faculty appointment of 50% or greater FTE within the school at any rank (non-tenured or tenured) and be engaged in practice within one’s profession or have previously practiced in the course of their career.
  3. After an appointed committee member concludes their term, they may be appointed again to the committee after remaining off the committee for a period of one year. If a department has no other available faculty engaged in faculty practice to serve on the committee, the one-year period to remain off the committee may be waived and a member may immediately return to a new term of service at the discretion of their department chair. However, a department with multiple faculty engaged in faculty practice is required to adhere to the one-year period between terms of service as previously described.
  4. There shall be two additional standing ex officio members including the associate dean for faculty practice and community partnerships and a staff member from the Office of the Dean. Ex officio members will not have voting rights.
  5. The faculty practice committee convenes throughout the year, with a term beginning in July and concluding in June.
  6. To serve as the chair of faculty practice committee, one must serve on this committee a minimum of two academic years. The committee chair is determined through consensus of the committee each year. In addition to the committee chair providing leadership to the faculty practice committee, the individual serving in the committee chair position may attend meetings relevant to school faculty practice topics when representation of the faculty practice committee is requested at any such meetings.

B. Functions

  1. Provide feedback and recommendations on strategic planning for faculty practice in the School of Health Professions.
  2. Represent the interests of faculty in existing and new faculty practice initiatives.
  3. Communicate information relevant to faculty practice initiatives to School of Health Professions faculty.
  4. Determine annual grant awardees of the School of Health Professions Faculty Practice Grant.
  5. Carry out assigned responsibility as established by the school's faculty, associate dean for faculty practice and community partnerships, and/or dean.

Rev. 07/28/2020

Last modified: Apr 23, 2021