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School of Health Professions Faculty Academic Affairs Committee

Establishes and implements policies and procedures for program and course review. Find minutes from past meetings, annual reports, and other documents on the S: drive.

Academic Affairs Committee Members



Term Ends

Paul Bennetts, chair

Nurse Anesthesia Education


Dana Baker

Clinical Laboratory Sciences


Angela Couture

Health Information Management


Jane Hughes

Occupational Therapy Education


Lisa Trujillo

Respiratory Care and Diagnostic Science



Committee Policies and Procedures (rev. Oct. 11, 2016)

I. Membership

  1. Membership on this committee will be determined by school-wide election.
  2. A minimum of five faculty members from the School of Health Professions will make up this committee, each serving a 3-year term.
  3. Starting dates for the individual terms should be staggered over a 3-year period.
  4. No more than two members may have a primary affiliation with the same department or division of the school.
  5. There should be at least one member each representing undergraduate and graduate programs.

II. Selection of the chair

  1. The chair will be self-nominated, have at least one year of experience on the committee, and be approved by a majority of current committee members.
  2. The chair will be a voting member of the committee.

III. Duties of the chair

  1. Serves as spokesperson for the committee.
  2. Serves as an appointed member of the school's steering committee and prepares written summaries of committee activities for inclusion in the minutes for school faculty meetings.
  3. Is responsible for summarizing the committee's recommendations, concerns, or suggestions regarding specific proposals, and for forwarding these materials to the dean's office for consideration.
  4. Designates or serves as a liaison, as needed, with groups concerned with curricular aspects at KU Medical Center.
  5. Maintains a record of all proposals considered by the committee as well as recommendations made by the committee and any other relevant materials.
  6. Provides these policies and procedures to new committee members.

IV. Primary functions of the committee

  1. Monitor and/or participate in undergraduate and graduate curricular development and strategic academic initiatives on or between campuses. These include, but are not limited to, collaboration with the Center for Interprofessional Education and Simulation, committee membership on the KU Core Curriculum committee, and other initiatives.
  2. Periodically review departmental policies regarding student appeals related to academic issues.
  3. When a student grievance committee is appointed by the dean, one member of the school's academic affairs committee will be appointed to serve.
  4. Carry out assigned responsibility as established by the dean and/or faculty of the school.
  5. Annually review and align the school's bylaws, and the committee policies and procedures, with the school's strategic plan.

V. General procedures of the committee

  1. A meeting of the committee may be requested by any member and will be organized by the chair.
  2. Routine business may be conducted through the use of electronic media, at the chair's discretion.
  3. The decision of each committee member will carry equal weight in determining the final recommendation made by the committee.
  4. The decision held in common by the majority of the committee will constitute the final recommendation made by the committee.
  5. The full committee will review these policies and procedures on an annual basis, and update or modify them as needed.
  6. The committee will maintain current versions of these policies and procedures, and will make these documents available to all members of the school's faculty.

VII. Functions related to grievance proceedings

  1. The committee will conduct periodic review of protocols for hearing appeals regarding student academic performance.
  2. A member of this committee, at the request of the dean, must be included in any student grievance committee related to academic issues.
  3. The role of academic affairs committee members in relation to student academic grievance procedures is outlined in the school's bylaws, and the student handbook (section: School of Health Professions Student Grievance Procedure; subsection: At the School Level).

Last modified: Apr 27, 2021