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Maser Laboratory: Selected Publications

Nims, N.M., Vassmer, D., and Maser, R.L. Effect of PKD1 gene missense mutations on polycystin-1 membrane topogenesis. Biochemistry 2011; 50:349-55.

Maser, R. L., Magenheimer, B. S., and Calvet, J. P. Mouse plasma glutathione peroxidase: cDNA sequence analysis and renal proximal tubular expression and secretion. J Biol Chem. 1994; 269:27066-73.

Sutters*, M. Yamaguchi* T., Maser*, R.L., Magenheimer, B.S., St John, P.L., Abrahamson, D.L., Grantham, J.J., and Calvet, J.P. A stably transfected C-terminal polycystin-1 construct transforms the cAMP growth-responsive phenotype of M-1 cells. Kidney Int. 2001; 60:484-94. (* first author designation)

Maser, R. L.*, Vassmer, D., Magenheimer, B.S., and Calvet, J.P. Oxidant stress and reduced antioxidant enzyme protection in polycystic kidney disease. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2002; 13:991-9. (*corresponding author)

Nims, N., Vassmer, D., and Maser, R.L. Transmembrane domain analysis of polycystin-1, the product of the polycystic kidney disease-1 (PKD1) gene: evidence for 11 membrane-spanning domains. Biochemistry 2003; 42:13035-48.

Last modified: May 29, 2019