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This program requires two years of preparatory college study (57 hours minimum) and two years of professional course work in clinical laboratory science. Interested students should contact the department at KU Medical Center for advising as early as possible in their college careers (advising is also available in the Undergraduate Advising Center in Strong Hall on the Lawrence campus).

Applications are available online. The program begins each fall semester. Applications should be submitted by December 15 of the year before the anticipated start date. Also required: complete college transcript(s) and three letters of recommendation, two of which should be from college basic science instructors.

Admission Requirements

An applicant to the program must have completed the required college preparatory course work, with a minimum grade of C in each prerequisite course, before entering the program in the fall. The student must have earned a 2.70 GPA overall and in the following courses: chemistry, biology, and math.

International students, or those for whom English is a second language, may have additional requirements relative to language proficiency, residency, and citizenship status. See: information for international students

Good physical and mental health is essential. Minor physical handicaps are not considered deterrents to admission. Physical examinations are required before registration in CLS course work. The admissions committee requires a personal interview with the applicant.

A background check and documentation of shadow experience is also required. Prospective students should review the program requirements, including prerequisite course work, and complete list of eligibility requirements.


English (6)
ENGL 101 Composition 3
ENGL 102 Critical Reading and Writing 3
   or BUS 305 Business Writing
Mathematics (6-8)
Select one of the following: 3-5
   MATH 101 College Algebra
   MATH 104 Precalculus Mathematics
   MATH 115 Calculus I
Select one of the following: 3
   MATH 365 Elementary Statistics
   BIOL 570 Introduction to Biostatistics
   PSYC 210 Statistics in Psychological Research
Biology (11-12)
BIOL 150 Principles of Molecular and Cellular Biology 4
BIOL 350 Principles of Genetics 4
Select one of the following: 3-4
   BIOL 246 Principles of Human Physiology
   BIOL 544 Comparative Animal Physiology
   BIOL 546 Mammalian Physiology
Microbiology (5)
BIOL 400 Fundamentals of Microbiology 3
BIOL 402 Fundamentals of Microbiology Laboratory 2
Chemistry (15)
CHEM 130 General Chemistry I 5
CHEM 135 General Chemistry II 5
CHEM 310 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry 3
   or CHEM 330 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 331 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory 2
Communication Studies (3)
Communication course (one course that fulfills KU Core Goal 2.2) 3
Liberal Arts and Sciences (6)
Humanities elective (one course that meets KU Core Goal 3H) 3
Social sciences elective (one course that meets KU Core Goal 3S) 3
Electives (6)
Elective course that meets KU Core Goal 4.1 3
Elective course that meets KU Core Goal 4.2 3
Recommended Elective (1)
CLS 210 Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Sciences (recommended) 1

The following courses are included during the first year (junior year) of the professional program. Students with previous credit for these courses or equivalents do not need to enroll in them if they earned a C or better in the course:

BIOL 503 Immunology 3
or CLS 538 Immunology
BIOL 600 Introductory Biochemistry, Lectures (or equivalent) 3
or CLS 600 Introductory Biochemistry

IMPORTANT NOTE: The prerequisite courses below require a letter grade and will not be accepted if scored as “credit/no credit" or “satisfactory/ unsatisfactory” or as “pass/fail”:

  • All biology and chemistry courses
  • All math courses
  • English I and II courses
  • Communication/public speaking course

Last modified: Oct 21, 2020

KU Core Requirements

All incoming KU freshmen are required to fulfill the KU Core requirements. The purpose of the KU Core is to establish a University-wide general curriculum for all baccalaureate degrees that meets six primary educational goals. The curriculum provided here has been updated to meet the KU Core requirements for fall 2016.

Prospective Students
The priority deadline to apply to this program is December 15. Applications may be accepted after the deadline based on space available in the next class.

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For advising on the KU Lawrence campus, please contact Robin Merritt at the KU Undergraduate Advising Center or visit third floor Summerfield Hall.

Students from other institutions: please provide your information online to schedule an advising session.