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KU School of Health Professions: Find career and job resources for in-demand health care jobs.

Did you know that health science professions are more than 60% of the health care workforce? And demand for these occupations has never been higher. In fact, demand keeps growing. Of the 30 fastest-growing occupations, 14 are in health care-related fields, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

These professions span more than 200 distinct disciplines. From business to patient care to laboratory science, this diverse mix of workers is essential to the delivery of health care.

Visit the individual departments within the School of Health Professions to learn about more ways to use your health care degree.

About health care degree options available from the School of Health Professions

Graduates from the school have gone on to a wide array of careers in health care, from clinicians directly working with patients to laboratory scientists studying cells with highly specialized equipment.

Others enter business, administration, higher education, research and so much more. Job opportunities in health care are projected to grow faster than that of other fields over the next decade. Here are a few of the many disciplines available at KU:

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