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Asthma Center

University of Kansas Asthma Center: dedicated to specialized, patient-centered asthma care supported by evidence-based research.

The KU Asthma Center emphasizes asthma self-management education using patient care, teaching and research to offer patients better opportunities for consistent asthma control. The Asthma Center is a collaboration between School of Health Professions and School of Medicine faculty at the University of Kansas.

Experts at the Asthma Center also collaborate with physician offices and community organizations to offer advanced, comprehensive, compassionate care to patients living with asthma.

Any individual having symptoms associated with asthma or exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB) is a good candidate for treatment at the KU Asthma Center. A pulmonary physician will evaluate qualified individuals with a review of medical history, a physical exam, diagnostic tests (including FEV1) and assess asthma symptoms to classify the level of asthma control and determine a diagnosis.

Patients agreeing to take part in the latest research at the center will receive medical evaluations and tests free of charge.


The BREATHE Lab focuses on improving real-world clinical practice through community-based projects using patient-centered outcomes research. This is accomplished through the provision of Better Rehabilitation, Research, Education, to Assist Those in Homes Everywhere (BREATHE).


Asthma teleECHO incorporates an interdisciplinary group of asthma clinicians and stakeholders stretching from rural Kansas to Africa. The group collaborates on case-based scenarios to establish better outcomes for asthma control, helping to deliver innovative health care through rehabilitation and education in parallel to research.

Team Education for Asthma Management (TEAM)

The TEAM (Team Education for Asthma Management) program helps asthma patients gain control of their asthma and improve quality of life by learning self-management skills for this chronic disease. TEAM focuses on intensive one-on-one education specific to the patient's asthma control needs.

Asthma Complications in Exercise and Sports (ACES)

Breathing problems such as exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB) are extremely common. Our ACES team studies the prevalence of EIB among college athletes to offer specialized care for recreational and competitive athletes as well as those experiencing breathing problems during routine exercise.

Learn more about the Asthma Center

Visit the Asthma Center website for directions, parking information, team member bios and more.

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