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Here are the courses and clinical experiences to expect during the nuclear medicine technology program.

As a student in the nuclear medicine technology program, you'll gain skills ranging from the technical to the personal, from nuclear instrumentation to supervised clinical care.

Nuclear Medicine Technology Coursework

Fall Semester

NMED 070 Introduction to Nuclear Medicine and Medical Law and Ethics for the Imaging Professional (3.3 credit hours)
NMED 071 Nuclear Chemistry and Physics (2 credits)
NMED 072 Radiopharmacy I (3.4 credits)
NMED 073 Clinical Procedures (2.4 credits)
NMED 074 Radiation Biology and Protection (1.5 credits)
NMED 075 Clinical Internship I (6 credits)

Spring Semester

NMED 080 Nuclear Instrumentation, Medical Informatics and Quality Assurance (2.5 credits)
NMED 082 Radiopharmacy II (1 credit)
NMED 083 Clinical Procedures II (8 credits)
NMED 084 Clinical Internship II (8 credits)
NMED 085 Research Methods and Health Administration (1 credit)

Summer Semester

NMED 090 Seminar (2.5 credits)
NMED 091 Clinical Internship III (6 credits)

** These schedules are provided for reference only. For complete, current information about courses and requirements in our nuclear medicine technology program, please visit the Academic Catalog.

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Requirements

The University of Kansas Medical Center, including the University of Kansas School of Health Professions and this academic program, partners with multiple health systems and health care providers to provide clinical and programmatic experiences for its students. Many of our clinical partners are currently requiring all students to have received the COVID-19 vaccine before their on-site experiences and training may begin. As a result, unvaccinated students could be precluded from participating in these activities, potentially impacting their ability to complete all program requirements. Students with concerns should speak with the clinical coordinator or department chair.

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