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Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation Laboratory (STABILITI Lab)

The mission of the STABILITI Lab is to increase mobility and overall wellness by addressing deficits caused by vestibular dysfunction due to injury, disease or aging.

students in classroom holding vestibular models

Our research focuses on the relationship between vestibular function and mobility in the home and community. By using innovative technologies, such as virtual reality training programs and mobile applications to encourage home exercise programs, the STABILITI Lab seeks to alleviate symptoms due to vestibular dysfunction and promote mobility.

Lab Director

Linda D'Silva

Linda D'Silva, Ph.D., PT, NCS
Assistant Professor
Department of Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Science, and Athletic Training
University of Kansas Medical Center
913-588-4343 (711 TTY)

Current Projects

Vestibular App Development

image of tablet screen showing video gameIn partnership with CFD Research Corporation, we have developed an interactive vestibular rehabilitation application for people with dizziness to increase adherence to their exercise program. The Vestibular App will deliver exercises in an interactive, game-based format with feedback to improve exercise accuracy and performance. We are testing the in-home use of the app in people with vestibular disorders.

Vestibular Contribution to Head Impact During Falls

We are collaborating with the Mobility and Falls Lab to determine the relationship between vestibular function and head impact during experimentally induced falls.

Product Development to Test Vestibular Function

In collaboration with Interacoustics, we are a beta site to test and provide feedback on a new test, The Functional Vision Head Impulse Test, to assess vestibular function.

Testing the Relationship Between Vestibular Function and Path Integration Across the Life Span

We are testing vestibular function across the life span in healthy adults between 20 to 80 years of age and assessing the relationship with movement.

Access to Care After Unintentional Head Injury in Latino Construction workers

We are conducting listening sessions with Juntos and Grupo de Parroquial to better understand access to care issues after unintentional head injury in Latino construction workers.

Our Collaborators

We work closely with partners at KU Medical Center and beyond:

KU School of Health Professions

Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Science, and Athletic Training
University of Kansas Medical Center
Mail Stop 2002
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, KS 66160