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Participate in a SleepWell Lab Study

Learn how to participate in a KU SleepWell study.

Here in the SleepWell lab, we hope you'll join us in our vision to prevent chronic conditions and improve health and wellness through better sleep. Studies conducted in the SleepWell lab allow us to study how sleep impacts function, learning and overall health in adults with and without neurological conditions.

Our work examines how sleep interacts with or influences other factors such as fatigue, cognition and pain. We also assess the effectiveness of behavioral interventions such as exercise or cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) to improve sleep.

Currently Recruiting Study Participants

The SIESTA (Sleep Intervention to Enhance cognitive Status and reduce beTa-Amyloid) study assesses the efficacy of CBT-I on improving cognitive function and reducing the rate of beta-amyloid deposition in older adults with symptoms of insomnia.

You may be eligible to participate in SIESTA if you meet the following requirements:

  • Are 60-85 years old
  • Have experienced difficulty falling asleep, maintaining sleep or waking up too early at least three nights per week for the past six months.
  • You do not have any other untreated sleep disorder (such as sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome).

For more information or to determine if you are eligible to participate in a study, please contact Eryen Nelson, the study coordinator, at 913-945-7349 (711 TTY) or provide your contact information online. Accommodations available upon request.

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