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Activities and Updates

The LEARN PT lab team received an Education Innovator Award from the Physical Therapy Learning Institute for its abstract/presentation titled “The LEARN PT Rubric: Student and ICE Preceptor Pilot Data.” It was presented at the Education Leadership Conference in Bellevue, Wash. on October 19.

photo of two lab team members standing in front of video screen

LEARN PT Lab team members presented at the Innovation in Occupational and Physical Therapy Education Summit in Omaha, Neb., in June. Colgrove and Troshynski-Brown presented "Beyond the Classroom: Using Learning Theory to Solve Student Problems." Morris and Troshynski-Brown presented "Development of an Overarching, Longitudinal Curricular Rubric." Jernigan and Rucker presented "LEARN PT: Developing a Collaborative Education Research Laboratory."

Mildred Oligbo received the American Physical Therapy Association's Minority Faculty Development Scholarship Award. She was recognized for this honor during the association's annual conference in Chicago in June. In addition, she was selected for the Kathlyn ‘Kitty’ Reed Occupational Therapy Scholarship for her achievements in the therapeutic science doctoral program.

At the 2019 School of Health Professions Student Recognition Ceremony, Steve Jernigan, LEARNPT lab director, received the 2019 Stata Norton Distinguished Teaching Award. The award recognizes excellence in teaching as well as outstanding contributions by the recipient in his or her profession.

Physical therapy student Callie Lane has been selected as the physical therapy discipline long-term trainee in the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) program for 2019-2020. She will be working with Mildred Oligbo of the LEARNPT lab and other faculty in this interdisciplinary disability leadership training program at KU Medical Center.

Lab team members presented at the Kansas Physical Therapy Association's 2019 Spring Conference held April 12-13, 2019, in Wichita. Jason Rucker was awarded the Best Platform Presentation Scientific Inquiry Award.

KU was well represented at the American Physical Therapy Association's 2019 Combined Section Meeting in Washington, D.C. Lab team members Stephen Jernigan, Scarlett Morris, Mildred Oligbo, and Jason Rucker presented at the event, January 23-26, 2019.

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