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Clinical Education

Translate essential knowledge and skills through top-level clinical education in KU's doctoral program in physical therapy.

When entering the clinical education program in KU's doctoral degree program in physical therapy, you have the opportunity to translate essential physical therapy knowledge and skills into the clinical environment. This takes place through a combination of integrated clinical experiences, clinical simulations and full-time clinical rotations.

Because we believe clinical education is an integral part of our program, you'll begin your clinical education in the fall semester of your first year, and extending through the first two years of the curriculum. During this time, you'll complete part-time integrated clinical experiences during the semester at local partnering facilities. Such opportunities provide immediate ways to translate the concepts and skills learned in the classroom to a variety of practice settings and patient populations that serve as the foundation of physical therapy practice.

Simulation and Real-World Clinical Experiences

In addition to integrated clinical experiences, you'll complete a series of simulations to develop clinical reasoning and interprofessional skills in practice scenarios and settings through KU Medical Center’s state-of-the-art Health Education Building and experiential learning programs.

During the final academic year, you will fulfill a total of 36 weeks of full-time clinical experiences offered at more than 250 sites throughout the United States and abroad. 

Students are required to complete two clinical experiences: one in an inpatient setting and one in a general or orthopedic outpatient setting. We believe broad exposure to geographically representative practice throughout the lifespan is instrumental in the development of a well-rounded and versatile physical therapist.

Clinical Faculty

Several members of the clinical education team are actively engaged in clinical education research through the Leveraging Education and Research in Physical Therapy Lab.

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