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Student Projects

Read about the projects that students completed in recent years, which were ranked highly by our faculty.

Name Degree Year Mentor Title
Keenan Stump PhD 2017 Winnie Dunn Children with Autism Wearing Action Cameras: Changing Parent/Child Interactions Using Point-of-View Video Modeling
Angela Labrie Blackwell PhD 2015 Winnie Dunn The Ready Class project: An examination of a Tier I intervention in the early childhood classroom. A protest and posttest control group design
Matt Braun PhD 2015 Winnie Dunn Evaluating Graduate Student Writing: Do Students Write from a Strengths Perspective?
Kelly Trowbridge PhD 2015 Lisa Mische-Lawson A Preliminary Investigation of Compressed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (Cmbsr) with Pediatric Medical Social Workers
Shatonda Jones PhD 2015 Jeff Radel Anticipated Response of African Americans to Stroke Symptoms
Lindsey G.Jarrett PhD 2015 Winnie Dunn Exploring the impact of service learning on interprofessional practices of OTs
Areum Han PhD 2015 Jeff Radel The benefits of a person-centered social program for community-dwelling people with dementia and their caregivers: Interpretive phenomenological analysis
Evan Dean PhD 2015 Winnie Dunn Sensory processing predictors of challenging behavior
Andy J. Wu PhD 2013 Jeff Radel Rehabilitation outcome following acute stroke: Considering ideomotor apraxia
Ah-reum Han MS 2010 Joan McDowd Executive function as a predictor of Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) in community-dwelling older adults
Ala’a F. Jaber MS 2010 S. Omar Ahmad The association between physical activity, cognitive function, and performance of activities of daily living in patients with early Alzheimer’s disease
Ji-Hyuk Park PhD 2010 S. Omar Ahmad A comparison of 2D image analysis and design-based stereology for evaluating morphological and anatomical changes in the dopaminergic system of the rodent midbrain
Nancy W. Spangler PhD 2010 Jeff Radel Employer perspectives on stress intervention and resilience building: A qualitative study
Carola Maria Elizabeth Döpp MS 2009 Jeff Radel Evidence-based practice among Dutch occupational therapists: Barriers, perceptions, and use of resources
Jessica Saiter Clark MS 2008 Winnie Dunn Parent and teacher report: Comparing results from the Sensory Profile and Sensory Profile School Companion
Natalie B. Brown MS 2008 Winnie Dunn The relationship between context and sensory processing patterns in children with autism
Jeannine R. Getz PhD 2008 Tana Brown & Jeff Radel Exploring food insecurity among individuals with serious mental illness: A qualitative study
Fidaa Almomani PhD 2007 Tana Brown The Effects of an Oral Health Promotion Program in People with Serious Mental Illness
Kathy Davis PhD 2007 Joan McDowd The School Experience: Perceptions of Long-Term Survivors of Pediatric Soft Tissue Sarcomas and Bone Cancers
Mohammed S. Hasan PhD 2006 Joan McDowd Memory for actions in stroke survivors: A rehabilitative approach
Lisa Mische-Lawson PhD 2006 Winnie Dunn The relationship between sensory processing patterns and play preferences of young children
Kaveri Chaudhary MS 2005 Katherine Grobe Occupational therapy practitioners in health promotion for people with disabilities
Fahad Manee MS 2005 Tana Brown Cognitive impairments and grocery shopping performance in individuals with TBI
Bethene Gregg PhD 2005 Joan McDowd Impact of Nocturnal Hypoxemia on Reaction Time and Sleepiness in OSAS
Mohammed S. Hasan MS 2004 Joan McDowd The effects of subject-performed tasks on the memory performance of stroke survivors
Ketti Johnson-Coffelt MS 2004 Winnie Dunn The relationship between sensory processing patterns and expectations of students’ performance in preschool teachers
Chia-Fen (Danni) Chu MS 2003 Joan McDowd Effect of aging and divided attention on eye-hand coordination performance in community-dwelling adults
Sunday C. Dove MS 2003 Winnie Dunn Sensory processing in children with specific learning disabilities
Debra Daniels PhD 2003 Winnie Dunn The Relationship Between Sensory Processing and Temperament in Young Children
Joan Ziegler Delahunt MS 2002 Joan McDowd A study of maternal sensory processing and mother-infant interaction
Chung-Ju Liz MS 2001 Joan McDowd Visuospatial neglect and daily life performance in people with Alzheimer’s disease
Cheryl Lynn Fast MS 1999 Lorie Richards Impact of Brain Injury on prospective memory
Christin M. Hill MS 1999 Debra Galvin Parent’s views of the diagnostic process of autism
Christine Wise MS 1998 Tana Brown The test of drugstore shopping skills: Preliminary evidence of reliability and validity
Allison Greiner Redick MS 1997 Joan McDowd Consumer empowerment through Occupational Therapy. The Americans with Disabilities Act: Title III – Public Accommodations
Nancy J. Dodge MS 1997 Winnie Dunn The effectiveness of occupational therapy collaborative consultation on hand skill development in early childhood
Teresa A. Franzen MS 1996 Winnie Dunn The effects of perceptual training and handwriting practice on classroom handwriting performance
Jane A. Cox MS 1996 Winnie Dunn Functional assessment in context: Observations of children during mealtime
Donna Bennett MS 1996 Winnie Dunn Comparison of sensory characteristics: Children with and without attention deficient hyperactivity disorder
Barbara A. Fleet MS 1996 Debra Cook Functional assessment of sensory integration in young children
Julie A. Elmer MS 1996 Winnie Dunn The sensory profile: A discrimination analysis of children with and without disabilities.
Connie M. Chesser MS 1996 Linda McClain Job descriptions and performance appraisals: Perceptions of staff occupational therapists and their supervisors
Trina L. Schulz MS 1995 Debra Cook The ability of clinical signs to predict aspiration on video fluoroscopy
Barbara Kempis MS 1995 Winnie Dunn Collaborative consultation: The efficacy of remedial and compensatory interventions in school contexts
Mary Almagest-Kientz MS 1995 Winnie Dunn A comparison of children with autism and typical children using the sensory profile
Kristine E. Holder MS 1995 Winnie Dunn A study of the relationship between annual IEP goals an weekly intervention goals
Stephanie Dustman MS 1994 Winnie Dunn A study of two instruction methods for developing knowledge in assistive technology
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