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The entry-level master's degree program is being transitioned to the clinical doctorate, and we're no longer accepting applications for new students. This information is provided as a reference for current students.

Program Curriculum

Review the course sequence for students in this program (PDF).

Curriculum Content Map

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OCTH 601 Human Anatomy 6
OCTH 602 Orientation to the Occupational Therapy Profession 3
OCTH 605 Theory and Practice in Occupational Therapy 2
OCTH 622 Analysis and Adaptations of Occupations - I 4
OCTH 630 Practicum - I 2
OCTH 635 Lifespan Development from an Occupational Perspective 4
OCTH 645 Contexts of Occupation 2
OCTH 655 Neuroscience Analysis of Occupational Performance 3
OCTH 662 Physical Considerations in Facilitating Occupational Performance 4
OCTH 670 Practicum - II 2
OCTH 672 Psychiatric Considerations in Facilitating Occupational Performance 3
OCTH 682 Analysis and Adaptation of Occupations - II 2
OCTH 690 Evaluation and Assessment of Occupational Performance 2
OCTH 704 Planning and Intervention in Occupational Therapy 2
OCTH 710 Service Management: Delivery Systems 1
OCTH 720 Occupational Therapy Practice Models 7
OCTH 725 The Research Process 1
OCTH 730 Practicum III 2
OCTH 750 Case-Based Clinical Reasoning 2
OCTH 755 Issues and Trends Seminar 1
OCTH 760 Professional Development and Leadership in Service Management 3
OCTH 765 Family and Community Service Systems 2
OCTH 770 Level II Fieldwork, Part 1 6
OCTH 775 Level II Fieldwork, Part 2 6
OCTH 776 Population-Based Clinical Reasoning 3
OCTH 783 Evidence-Based Practice 2
OCTH 790 Research Practicum and Professional Writing 3
Required elective course 3
Total Hours 83

** These schedules are provided for reference only. For detailed information about the entry-level master of occupational therapy program, please visit the Academic Catalog.

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Requirements

The University of Kansas Medical Center, including the University of Kansas School of Health Professions and this academic program, partners with multiple health systems and health care providers to provide clinical and programmatic experiences for its students. Many of our clinical partners are currently requiring all students to have received the COVID-19 vaccine before their on-site experiences and training may begin. As a result, unvaccinated students could be precluded from participating in these activities, potentially impacting their ability to complete all program requirements. Students with concerns should speak with the clinical coordinator or department chair.

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