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Hull Body Composition Laboratory

The body composition laboratory conducts innovative research in nutritional sciences, including the investigation of factors affecting body composition in all stages of life.

An expert on body composition assessment, lab director Holly Hull, Ph.D., has completed extensive training and research to understand proper assessment techniques for unique populations. Her past research has focused on developing and improving current body composition assessment methods, applying body composition assessment techniques to individuals in weight loss programs, and improving nutritional outcomes for pregnant women and infants.

Her research will help determine how to quantify the effects that increased energy intake can have on changes in adiposity and emphasize how nutrition during pregnancy affects body composition in both mother and baby.

See some of Hull's publications at PubMed.

Holly Hull with Goepperts photo
Charles and Carolyn Kellogg, board members representing the Goppert Foundation, and Holly Hull stand next to a new plaque installed in honor of the foundation's donation to support the purchase of a DXA, a key piece of equipment used in the lab's research studies.

Research Opportunities for Students

Students training in the lab gain hands-on experience working with pregnant women, infants and children. The lab provides the opportunity for students to help conduct research projects and assist with other lab tasks that might interest them.

four images of students from the lab in various activities

In addition, Hull has an abundance of collected data students can choose to explore for their own prospective projects. She works closely with all students throughout the learning and writing process and provides students with many wonderful educational opportunities.

See a selection of work from previous students in the Hull lab.

Students interested in gaining laboratory experience should visit the KU Medical Center educational experience program.

Interested in Participating in a Research Project?

This lab is not currently enrolling any studies to outside participants. However, women 12-20 weeks pregnant may be interested in the Assessment of DHA on Reducing Early Preterm Birth (ADORE) trial.

Participants are eligible to have their children participate in the ADORE GAINS study, a follow-up to ADORE investigating the effect of prenatal DHA supplementation on a baby’s body composition.

Holly Hull portrait

Lab Director

Holly Hull, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
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Research Collaborations

School of Health Professions

University of Kansas Medical Center
Department of Dietetics and Nutrition
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