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Organizational Chart

Learn about the structure of the School of Health Professions, including leaders of each of our eight academic departments.


University of Kansas School of Health Professions
Abiodun Akinwuntan, Ph.D., MPH, MBA, FASAHP

Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs

Jeff Radel, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Faculty Practice and Community Partnership

Dave Burnett, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Research

Jacob Sosnoff, Ph.D.

Chair of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Eric Elsinghorst, Ph.D.

Chair of Dietetics and Nutrition

Debra Sullivan, Ph.D.

Chair of Health Information Management

Rosann McLean, D.H.Sc.

Chair of Hearing and Speech

Tiffany Johnson, Ph.D.

Chair of Nurse Anesthesia Education

Donna Nyght, DNP

Chair of Occupational Therapy Education

Dory Sabata, OTD

Chair of Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Science and Athletic Training

Patricia Kluding, Ph.D.

Vice Chair of Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Science and Athletic Training

LesLee Taylor, Ph.D.

Chair of Respiratory Care and Diagnostic Science

Dave Burnett, Ph.D.

Co-Program Directors of Diagnostic Ultrasound and Vascular Technology

Candace Houghton, B.A.

Vicky Martin, MHSA

Program Director of Cardiovascular Sonography

Turi Wiedner, MBA

Program Director of Nuclear Medicine Technology

Kellee George, M.S.

Office of the Dean Staff

Christi Jones, Business, Student Affairs, & Project Manager

Terry Erisman, Information Resource Specialist

Tim Hunt, Network Specialist

Alex Lopez, Outreach and Recruitment Specialist

Erin Manuel, MBA, Director of Finance and Administration

Tiffany Pollard, Executive Assistant

Van Soriano, HR, Academic and Business Administrator

Olivia Wamkpah, Clerical Assistant

Dennis Wieneke, Post-Award Grant Manager

KU School of Health Professions

KU School of Health Professions
KU Medical Center
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Kansas City, KS 66160
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