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Diversity and Inclusion

The KU School of Health Professions strives to build an inclusive community based on respect for diverse cultures and unique perspectives.

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As one of its core value statements, the University of Kansas Medical Center is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive learning and working environment. That environment should nurture the growth and development of everyone affiliated with the institution, including students, faculty and staff.

Leadership within the School of Health Professions supports diversity as a core value by working closely with the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on campus.

The school also seeks guidance from a group of faculty members that form the School of Health Professions Faculty Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.

The goal of this committee is to help foster understanding and acceptance of persons who bring different perspectives and life experiences to the shared community.

To that end, the committee will:

  • Celebrate, highlight, and promote the values of diverse cultures and unique perspectives among the school's students, staff, and faculty,
  • Facilitate the creation of an inclusive community where shared communication, awareness, acceptance, and mutual respect are enhanced through cultural enrichment.

About the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Current members

  • Chair: Bobbie Laincz, Health Information Management
  • Jane Hughes, Occupational Therapy Education
  • Dana Baker, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  • Kaitlyn Brown, Health Information Management
  • Shelley Barenklau, Nurse Anesthesia Education
  • Karen Schell, Office of the Dean
  • Bonny Murrell, Staff representative*
  • Jennifer Tanquary, Staff representative*
  • Elizabeth ‘Liz' Torres, Student representative*

* The representatives for the Office of the Dean, staff and students are non-voting members and are appointed for one-year terms rather than voted in during the regular election.

Functions of the Committee

  1. Enhance knowledge and appreciation of cultural practices among faculty, students, staff, and community in the School of Health Professions.
  2. Promote best practices and the acquisition of new knowledge as it relates to culture and diversity.
  3. Develop initiatives for encouraging diversity and cultural appreciation within the school through programming and funding opportunities, including scholarships.
  4. Advance interprofessional collaboration with other KU/KU Medical Center divisions and stakeholders to advance cultural knowledge and appreciation, especially related to education, service, and research.

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