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Randolph J. Nudo, PhD, FAHA, FASNR

Randolph Nudo portrait
Professor and Vice Chair, Research Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine

Professional Background

Randolph J. Nudo, Ph.D. is a University Distinguished Professor andamp; Vice Chair of Research, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and the Director of the Landon Center on Aging. As Director of the Landon Center on Aging, Dr. Nudo is responsible for fiscal management of the Center on Aging, coordination of interdisciplinary education, research and service activities, and the development of new programs devoted to the health and well-being of older Kansans. He is also Director of the Institute for Neurological Discoveries, dedicated to developing solutions to the growing number of neurological disorders occurring in the United States. He serves as the Marion Merrell Dow Distinguished Professor in Aging.

Education and Training
  • BS, Psychology/Statistics, Pennsylvania State University
  • MS, Psychology, Florida State University
  • PhD, Psychology/Neuroscience, Florida State University
  • Post Doctoral Fellowship, Physiology, University of California at San Francisco



Dr. Nudo's Cortical Plasticity Laboratory focuses on understanding the brain's self-repair capacity after injury, and developing novel therapeutic approaches based on neuroscientific principles. Dr. Nudo is Principal Investigator on an NIH funded project to study neural mechanisms of functional recovery after stroke. His research has had continuous funding from NIH since 1993. He also collaborates with electrical engineers on projects funded by the Department of Defense to develop implantable electronic microdevices to repair pathways in the brain after traumatic brain injury. Dr. Nudo is the co-inventor of patents related to this technology. Dr. Nudo also works with collaborators in the Cortical Plasticity Laboratory to explore novel technologies and therapies for spinal cord injury.