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If not completed previously, Principal Investigator (PI) status  and an eRA Commons account may be requested.

Letters of intent (LOIs), pre-proposals, and white papers that require an institutional signature or approval or which include a detailed budget require SPA review and approval prior to submission to the sponsor. This includes NIH prior approval requests for budgets exceeding $500,000 in direct costs per year.

Please do NOT submit a Notice of Intent for LOIs, pre-proposals or white paper that do not require an institutional signature or include a detailed budget. The Notice of Intent may be submitted if/when you are invited to submit a full proposal.

Welcome to the University of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute, Inc. (KUMCRI). As you work to transfer your research projects to KUMCRI, please keep in mind that each sponsor may have different requirements for transferring your awards. Below, we have outlined the NIH/DHHS general guidelines. However, for other federal sponsors and private sponsors, you will need to contact the awarding agency for specific instructions.

You are welcome to contact Sponsored Programs Administration for assistance. We are here to help.

At KUMCRI, we use the Cayuse Proposal Submission System for federal proposals. Work with a SPA pre-award grant administrator to obtain access to our Cayuse portal. If you are new to Cayuse, training is available.

SPA Quick Reference Guide: Transferring Awards & Proposals to KUMCRI (PDF)

The SPA Contracts team is one of three teams at the Research Institute responsible for helping KUMC investigators with contracts related to the work of KUMC sponsored programs. SPA Contracts is responsible for most funding agreements with institutions external to KUMC, with the broad exception of pure clinical trial agreements.

Most subawards/subcontracts will be reviewed by the SPA Pre-award team at the proposal stage, as well as at the award stage, if not previously reviewed.

Who can help me with my contract?

  • Incoming Funding Agreements (this includes most awards or subawards from non-profit sponsors and other academic institutions) are handled by the SPA Contracts team. Contact SPA Contracts team and see below for additional information and requirements. 
    SPA Quick Reference Guide: Incoming Subawards (PDF)

  • Agreements to Outside Institutions From Existing KUMC Funding Sources are handled by the SPA Contracts team. Information about what is needed is located further down on this page. Contact SPA Contracts team and see below for additional information and requirements.
    SPA Quick Reference Guide: Outgoing Subawards (PDF)

  • Unfunded Agreements (Examples: NDA/CDA; DUA; MTA) are handled by the Research Contracts Office. Contact the Research Contracts Office for help with these types of agreements.

  • Clinical Trial Agreements (often funded by pharmaceutical companies, but always using a per-patient/capitation budget) are handled by the Office of Clinical Trials Administration. Please contact the Office of Clinical Trial Administration for help with these agreements.

When preparing budgets, please be sure to reference General Guidelines on Research Spending found on the Award Monitoring & Reporting page.

Proposal Review & Submission Procedure: SPA will conduct reviews on a first-come, first-serve basis, prioritizing based on the submission deadline. The assigned pre-award administrator will make every effort to notify the PI and/or administrator of the planned review date and keep the PI and/or administrator updated on possible delays, providing a revised review date.

SPA will conduct no more than one (1) major review of each proposal submission, which will consist of a review of the budget and review of the proposal documents, as described below. SPA Review will be sent to both the PI and administrator providing pre-award support.

Important Reminder for LATE and Last-Minute Submissions

As a reminder, The KUMC Proposal Submission Deadline Policy submission states:
All proposals, both paper and electronic, received by SPA for the first time two (2) business days prior to the sponsor deadline will be returned to the PI and department contact, and will not be submitted to the Sponsor.

SPA has supported late and last-minute submissions, by allowing for a case-by-case exception to the above noted policy; however, the Principal Investigator (PI) should be aware that when SPA does not receive final proposal documents with sufficient time* to provide review:

    • SPA may submit the proposal as is without review of the proposal documents, AND
    • if the proposal does not adhere to the sponsor guidelines, the submission may be administratively withdrawn and/or not move forward for review by the sponsor;
    • if the proposal is not in compliance with federal and state regulations and/or University policies, SPA reserves the right to withdraw the application and/or require updates prior to accepting the award; 
    • if the proposal results in unresolved questions/concerns from Department Chair(s) of personnel involved in the project and/or other unapproved commitments, SPA reserves the right to withdraw the application and/or may result in changes to personnel* at the request of the PIs Department Chair.

* Personnel changes may require sponsor prior approval.

If the proposal is considered for funding:

    • the PI will work with SPA to address items requiring revision, as identified by the sponsor, and/or
    • the award set-up may be delayed to ensure that the proposal is in compliance with federal and state regulations and/or University policies, including but not limited to any required budget revisions to address unapproved commitments.

All required internal documents (ePRS, cost share memos, etc.), as applicable to the submission, will still be required.

* Sufficient Time: Proposal documents received no later than 2 business days prior to the submission deadline.

Post-submission materials are those materials submitted after an application has been submitted but prior to initial peer review. They are not intended to correct oversights or errors discovered after submission of the application, but rather allow applicants the opportunity to respond to unforeseen events.

Please forward the e-mail received from the Scientific Review Officer (SRO) to along with the formatted and prepared post-submission materials. SPA will submit these materials to be added to the application.

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