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Proposal Review & Submission

When preparing budgets, please be sure to reference General Guidelines on Research Spending.

Proposal Review & Submission Procedure 

Sponsored Programs Administration will conduct reviews on a first-come, first-served basis, prioritizing based on the submission deadline. The assigned pre-award administrator will make every effort to notify the PI and/or administrator of the planned review date and keep the PI and/or administrator updated on possible delays, providing a revised review date.

Sponsored Programs Administration will conduct no more than one (1) major review of each proposal submission, which will consist of a review of the budget and review of the proposal documents, as described below. The review will be sent to both the PI and administrator providing pre-award support.

Important Reminder for LATE and Last-Minute Submissions

As a reminder, The KU Medical Center Proposal Submission Deadline Policy states all proposals, both paper and electronic, received by Sponsored Programs Administration for the first time two (2) business days prior to the sponsor deadline will be returned to the PI and department contact, and will not be submitted to the Sponsor.

Letters of Intent, Pre-Proposal & White Papers

Letters of intent (LOIs), pre-proposals, and white papers that require an institutional signature or approval or which include a detailed budget require Sponsored Programs Administration review and approval prior to submission to the sponsor. This includes NIH prior approval requests for budgets exceeding $500,000 in direct costs per year. Please do NOT submit a Notice of Intent for LOIs, pre-proposals or white paper that do not require an institutional signature or include a detailed budget. The Notice of Intent may be submitted if/when you are invited to submit a full proposal.

Transferring a Grant or Sponsored Project to KU Medical Center

As you work to transfer your research projects to KUMCRI, please keep in mind that each sponsor may have different requirements for transferring your awards. In the Quick Reference Guide for Transferring Awards & Proposals, we have outlined the NIH/DHHS general guidelines. However, for other federal sponsors and private sponsors, you will need to contact the awarding agency for specific instructions.


The Sponsored Programs AdministrationContracts team is one of three teams in Research Administration responsible for helping investigators with contracts related sponsored projects. This team is responsible for most funding agreements with institutions external to KU Medical Center, with the broad exception of purely clinical trial agreements

Most subawards and subcontracts will be reviewed by the Sponsored Programs Administration Pre-award team at the proposal stage, as well as at the award stage, if not previously reviewed.

Who can help me with my contract?

  • Incoming Funding Agreements, including most awards or subawards from non-profit sponsors and other academic institutions, are handled by the Sponsored Programs Administration Contracts team. 

  • Agreements to Outside Institutions From Existing KU Medical Center Funding Sources are handled by the Sponsored Programs Administration Contracts team. 

  • Unfunded Agreements such as Non-Disclosure Agreements, Confidential Disclosure Agreements; Data Use Agreements and Material Transfer Agreements are handled by the Research Contracts Office

  • Clinical Trial Agreements, often funded by pharmaceutical companies, are handled by the Research Contracts Office
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