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Employee Compensation Compliance (ECC)

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Certification Overview

Certification is an after-the-fact review to determine that the salaries charged to sponsored awards accurately reflect the work performed. KU Medical Center uses project statements for documenting personnel costs on sponsored awards, and payroll certification as a means to verify that the personnel costs accurately reflect the work performed on the sponsored award.

As an ECC Manager, you are responsible for the pre-review of sponsored project statements.

Certification Workflow

The certification process begins with Workday data loaded into ECC. Any sponsored payroll or cost share charged to an Award will generate a project statement for the period of performance. The statement is in the Building status until the period of performance ends and the pre-review period begins.

Pre-review begins prior to your certification period opening. This is an opportunity to review the statements generated by ECC and verify that the payroll and cost share dollars are accurate before the certifiers complete the certification process. Once the pre-review period ends, and the certification period is open, certifiers can view their statements and attest that their payroll charges are accurate.

After statements are certified, ECC generates historical records using the data collected. This data is included in internal reporting as well as audit reporting when needed.

Find Your Statements

Certification tasks are automatically routed to you when they become available. ECC generates email notifications when your statements are ready for certification.

The Home Page

Your project statement(s) that are ready for certification are displayed on the Home page within ECC. Principal Investigators on the Statements Awaiting Certification

 To navigate to a statement from the Home page:

  1. Click the Statements Awaiting Certification tab
  2. Click the Ready for Certification status icon Small Red X to navigate to the selected statement.
My Project Statements

To navigate to a statement from anywhere in ECC:

  1. Click Certify from the top navigator.
  2. Click My Project Statements from the top sub-navigator.
  3. Click the Ready for Certification link to navigate to the selected statement.

To certify a project statement, select a statement in the Ready for Certification Small Red X status from your Work List. 

Project statements display all of the individuals who direct charged or cost shared to the project. You will certify the payroll and/or cost share dollars on the Award for each individual is accurate for the period of performance.

To certify a project statement:

1.  Verify that the payroll and cost share amount for each individual is accurate.

2. You can view payroll information for each individual by clicking the hover-over icon for:

View All Payroll

View All Payroll displays a 100% view of how the employee was paid for the period of performance.

2.   Select the Certify check box for each individual.

4.  Click the Certify button.

5. If the information is correct, click the I Agree button. The statement is certified. Repeat these steps for any additional project statements.

Will individuals paid off an award have a role in payroll certification? 

Only Award Principal Investigators will be responsible for certifying payroll in ECC.

Who should the PI contact if they notice an error on their project statement?

The PI should contact their ECC Manager or

Is there a way to show percent on the project statement ECC?

The percent shown in ECC is based off the person's loaded payroll for the semi-annual period and can be found by hovering over the icon on the project statement. 

How are cost-share dollars being added to that column? 

Cost share dollars are identified based on their allocation in Workday.

Link to Workday JobAid?

KUMC login required.  

What project details will ECC display on the statement?

All information pertinent to the grant (grant number, title, workday tag) in addition to the assigned cost center will be visible on the project statement. 

Will NIH salary cap show up as cost share on a project statement?

Salary cap monitoring will continue to occur out of Workday, so over the cap salary will only appear as cost share if it has already been allocated as such in Workday. 

Will the ECC Manager have all the detailed information to pre-review a statement? Are there associated reports?

There are multiple tools/reports available to ECC Managers to verify the salary on a statement.

How long do PIs have to certify?

30 days

How can we confirm ECC data is updating based on Workday payroll?

Project Statements are available for review once payroll is loaded for at least one individual on the project. We encourage ECC Managers to review their project statements at least monthly to confirm that all employees appear on the project statement and all associated payroll is accurate.  

Where can I find the list of key personnel that should be paid from the project?

Will the department need to track the effort commitment when reviewing the payroll dollars were charged accurately?

Yes, this is accurate. Recommendation is to utilize the reports that are available in ECC to compare with the effort commitments which are based on the budget period. 

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