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The Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) serves as the central office for funded research and other sponsored projects here at the University of Kansas Medical Center. SPA assists faculty and departmental research staff to secure external funding and ensure proper management of awarded funding.

This includes an array of services to assist faculty and staff including:

  • Proposal review, authorization, and submission
  • Negotiation and acceptance of grants, subawards and funding contracts
  • Set-up and closeout of awarded funds
  • Support investigators in their responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws as well as sponsor regulations. 

The Sponsored Programs Administration currently consists of three broad teams:

SPA Pre-Award SPA Contracts SPA Post-Award
The pre-award team support investigators with new grant proposal submissions, just-in-time requests and annual progress reports. The SPA contracts team helps investigators negotiate incoming and outgoing subawards and funding contracts with external sponsors. The post-award team supports investigators with awarded funding accounts.

The Grants Process

The Grants Process

For new principal investigators, or even for long-time KUMC faculty members, the process of seeking and obtaining an externally funded research or training grant can be challenging. Here is a summary of the process you should follow, along with contact information for the people who can provide immediate assistance as you proceed.

Indirect Rate Agreement

Fringe Benefit External Rate


Internal Opportunities and External Resources for funding can be found on the SPA Finding Funding webpage.  Funding opportunities are also posted on Yammer to supplement what PIs may find and discover on their own from other sources.

The SPA Pre-Award team strives to facilitate the proposal process for external funding to the KU Medical Center and Wichita SOM research community - providing assistance to administrators, faculty and staff in preparing, reviewing, approving and submitting competitive proposals for all funding agencies.

  • All proposals and any pre-proposal/letters of intent containing any type of budgetary information must be reviewed and approved by the authorized signatory (Director or Pre-Award Assistant Director, Sponsored Programs Administration) before submission to a funding agency.
  • SPA Pre-Award will assist with all hard copy and electronic submissions.
  • Just-in-Time requests
  • The SPA support team prepares for award set up in Workday.
  • Prior to award set-up, all other compliance conditions must be met. Please be sure to contact the appropriate compliance office(s) for approvals, as noted below, if your project includes:
  • Contracts and agreements are reviewed and negotiated by the SPA Contracts team.
  • Award documents are signed, if required, to acknowledge and accept award terms and conditions. Acceptance of all sponsored project terms and conditions will be provided by the authorized signatory (Director, Sponsored Programs Administration).
  • SPA will correspond with funding agencies, as needed. If you are contacted directly by the sponsor for information, please be sure to inform and request support from SPA. 
  • SPA Post-award Team is notified to set up the account in Workday.
  • If there are sub-awards to other outside institutions from the KUMC award, reach out to the SPA Contracts team, with budgets and scopes of work for each sub-recipient.
  • The assigned post-award account contacts the PI/Dept. Administrator with the applicable Workday award # and/or grant #s.

Once the project is concluded, there are several reports to complete and submit. For a full list of items, reference the Close Out information. 

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