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Research Contracts Office

The Research Contracts Office reviews and negotiates industry sponsored agreements and other research-related contracts and subcontracts to ensure conformity with University policy and applicable laws and regulations. 

Research and research-related agreements needing review, or requests to prepare such agreements, are submitted and processed via myAgreements. Investigators and staff are able to track agreement progress through to completion within the system.   

Common Research Related Contracts

A CDA/NDA protects information that is not yet in the public domain by limiting further disclosure and use by the recipient. The Research Contracts Office reviews and negotiates CDAs/NDAs related to potential research projects.

An industry sponsored/funded research contract is a contract between KUMC and an industry party or institution party to conduct industry sponsored/funded research at KUMC. Examples include Clinical Trial Agreements, Investigator Initiated Study/Trial Agreements, Collaborative Research Agreements, Industry Funded Subcontracts and Expanded Access Program Agreements. KUMC is a signatory to the Accelerated Clinical Trial Agreement (ACTA).

A Master Agreement is an umbrella agreement where the parties agree on certain terms and conditions for future studies. They remove the need to negotiate terms and conditions for individual studies, with only the scope of work and individual study budgets needing review and negotiation. A Master Agreement can greatly improve the turnaround time of negotiations for individual studies.

MTAs are contracts governing the transfer of materials between two organizations, when the recipient intends to use it for their own research purposes. MTAs define and protect the rights of both the receiver and the provider of the materials. KUMC is a signatory to the Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement.  

Data Transfer and Use Agreements govern the movement of data to or from KUMC and the use of the data at the recipient’s site. They include terms to address applicable legal requirements, such as HIPAA.  KUMC, an FDP participating organization, utilizes the FDP DTUA templates. 

Service agreements are legally binding contracts used for the sale of a good or service from the University to an external entity, or from an external entity to the University. Common research-related service agreements include agreements for lab services, consulting, professional services, testing and equipment use.    

For federal, foundation or other not-for-profit sponsored agreements, visit Sponsored Programs Administration.

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