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Research Contracts Office

As one of three key contract administration teams in the KU Medical Center Research Institute, we help investigators with non-monetary agreements.

To request contract support, submit the appropriate electronic survey along with relevant documents, contact information and background information on the data or material. You will receive a confirmation email when we receive your request. Electronic intake questionnaires are hyperlinked below.

  • Confidential Disclosure Agreements

    A Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) is an agreement between parties to not disclose or use the proprietary secrets of another party. Many confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements come from industry clinical trial sponsors.

  • Data Transfer and Use Agreements

    A Data Transfer and Use Agreement (DTUA) governs the movement of data to or from KUMC and the use of the data at the recipient's site.

  • Material Transfer Agreements

    A Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is an unfunded agreement to move materials like mice, plasmids, or compounds to or from KUMC and governs the use of the material at the recipient's site.

Other Contract Support

We assist the KU Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office, KU Medical Center Clinical Research Administration and KU Medical Center Sponsored Research Administration with unusual or special agreements. An example might be where a funding agreement needs to also provide for transfer of data or materials.

  • Industry Cancer Therapeutic Clinical Trial Agreements administered by the Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office
  • Unusual or special contract matters (Get support)
  • Consultations regarding any contract issues for researchers (Get support)

Resources for Monetary Agreements

For industry clinical study funding agreements that are not cancer therapeutic studies administered by the KU Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office, visit the Office of Clinical Trials Administration.

For sponsored research including pre-clinical grants and agreements or federal or foundation-funded clinical agreements, visit KUMC Sponsored Programs Administration.

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