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Reliance Forms and Templates

Documents For Oversight By External IRBs

Form Name Notes Date Modified
Request to use an External IRB - Generic 05/2024
Request for Single IRB Review Regional CTSA Partners 05/2024
Submission Instructions for eIRB External 01/2024
Updating a Study Relying on an External IRB 01/2024
Boilerplate Consent Language for External IRBs 01/2024
KUMC addendum consent supplement This consent addendum is only to be used when the external IRB will not allow any local context changes to the main consent form. It should be used with the main consent to explain KUMC local context information. 11/2023

Documents for Research with KUMC as the Reviewing IRB

Form Name Notes Date Modified
Grant Proposal Stage
Consultation Meeting Agenda 01/2020
Lead IRB Timeline Summary 01/2020
Cost Considerations 01/2020
Funding Confirmed Stage
Pre-submission Meeting Agenda 01/2020

Single IRB Process Overview

Lead IRB Supplement Form 06/2021
Initial Review Stage
Please review the IRB main submission page for initial review requirements
Onboarding Relying Sites Stage
Onboarding Meeting Agenda 01/2020
Single IRB Process Overview 03/2021
Submission Checklist to Add Relying Sites 01/2020
All Sites Enrolling Stage
Reportable Events Guidance for Lead Study Teams 01/2024
KU Medical Center IRB Guidance for Relying Study Teams 01/2020
Lead Investigator Continuing Review Supplement 01/2024
Continuing Review Supplement For Relying Sites 03/2021

Documents for Working With Rural Sites & Rural Communities

Guidance on Completing Reliance Agreements 11/2022
Guidance on How to File a New Federalwide Assurances 11/2022
Guidance on Identifying Rural Researchers and Their Training & Disclosures 11/2022
Checklist on Rural Studies 11/2022

Quick Tip Documents

Quick tips for Commercial IRBs 01/2024
Quick tips for External Updates 01/2024

Training Videos

IRB Training Videos

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