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Meet our team members: 


Matthias Salathe, M.D.- Vice Chancellor for Research, President, KUMC Research Institute, Inc.

Lisa Hoebelheinrich, J.D.- Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration, Executive Director, KUMC Research Institute, Inc.

Administrative Team

Kelly Robertson- Executive Assistant

Danelle Dupuis- Administrative Assistant

Strategic Initiatives

Ruth Sosnoff, Ph.D., MBA- Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives

Laura Mussulman- Director

Andrew Gray - Director Strategic Initiatives

Natalia Loskutova - Project Director, Strategic Initiatives

Jodi Potts- Project Coordinator, Strategic Initiatives

Business & Financial Operations

Paul Toler, MBA- Associate Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance, Research Administration

Controller's Office

Matthew Woolley- Controller

Madison Mermis- Assistant Controller

Carly Gunnels- Accounting Manager

Bill Godfrey - Senior Research Fiscal Analyst

Andrew Thao- Accounts Payable Specialist I

Leigh Stigler- Accounts Payable Specialist I

Tiffany Sherry- Revenue and Accounts Receivable Specialist

Clinical Trial Finance

Lisa Severance- Assistant Director, Clinical Trial Fiscal Operations

Lori Neece- Clinical Trial Senior Fiscal Analyst

Simon Schmidt- Clinical Trial Fiscal Analyst

Dakoda White- Clinical Trial Fiscal Analyst

Celia Gomez- Clinical Trial Fiscal Analyst

Sara Hansen- Clinical Trial Calendar Analyst

Akeisha Gratts- Clinical Calendar Analyst

Marian Allen- Clinical Trial Budget Analyst

Budget Development & Negotiation

Sonja Way- Assistant Director, Budget Development & Negotiation

Cheryl Shorter- Budget Analyst

Scott R. Smith- Budget Analyst

Jared Benefield - Budget Analyst

Randy Johnson- Budget Analyst

Adam Brubaker- Budget Analyst

Sylvia Dupuis- Budget Analyst

Brenda Merrick - Budget Analyst

Systems & Data Analysis

Frank Visconti- Director

Derrick Breshears- Systems Administrator

Kyle Stephens- Director, Human Research Protection Program

Melody Solace- IRB Assistant Director

Rachel Marsh- IRB Liaison- Wichita

Emily Swanger- IRB Administrator

Kathy Jurius- IRB Reliance Manager

Hannah Barfoot- IRB Generalist

Kerianne Nash- IRB Generalist

Emily Olschki- IRB Generalist

Jane Salisbury- IRB Generalist

Michael Risse- IRB Generalist

Jamie Phalp- Director

Grace Graham- Administrative Assistant

Sponsor Investigator Support Program

Jennifer Pennington- Assistant Director, Sponsor Investigator Support Program

Sarah Maalouf- Clinical Research Monitor

Heather Fell- Senior Regulatory Coordinator

Nisha Sharma - Senior Regulatory Coordinator

Quality Assurance Program

Joy Pestano- Program Director, Quality Assurance

Sadiya Ahmed- Quality Assurance Associate

Kara Carlson- Quality Assurance Associate

Clinical Trial Portfolio Management

Dani Li- Assistant Director, Clinical Trial Management

Zelimir Bauk - Senior Portfolio Manager

Kate Nance- Site Development and Feasibility Specialist

Sonia McCoy- Portfolio Manager

Michael Valentin - Portfolio Manager

Gina Brown, J.D.- Director, Research Contracts Office

Christopher Mantei, J.D.- Research Contracts Analyst

Brandon Fortman - Research Contracts Analyst

Madeline Nagel- Research Contracts Analyst

Amanda Hamar- Research Contracts Analyst

Bethany Redden- Research Contracts Assistant

Jennifer Staley- Director, Systems Operations

Doug Ross- Research Support Administrator

Melissa Willer- Clinical Research Data Compliance Coordinator

Megan Hummelgaard- Research Support Administrator

Ashley Carlson- Assistant Director, Research Training & Communications

Ross Stone- Research Training & Communications Manager

Annelise Mozzoni- Research Training & Communications Specialist

Mario Medina, Ph.D., CRA- Director

Monica Strathman- Sponsored Programs Specialist, Training & Support


Kelly Mason, Ph.D.- Manager

Lora Mcgraw- Grants Administrator

Award Management

Taps Wray- Assistant Director

Sue Cooper- Grant Officer

Lauren Lesiak- Grant Officer

Julie Sevier- Grant Officer

Josie Zamora- Grant Administrator

Vanessa Meriwether- Grants Administrator

Dara Canady- Grants Administrator

Chelsea Conley- Grants Administrator

Brittany Zschoche- Grants Administrator


Matt Morgan, CFRA- Assistant Director

Reggie Foster- Grant Administrator- Post-Award 

Doug Harris- Senior Budget Analyst

Linda Hubbart-Williams- Grant Administrator- Post-Award 

Rensi Yu, CRA- Sponsored Research Specialist, Financial Reporting

Lily Yu- Senior Financial Research Administrator


Michael Albright, Ph.D.- Assistant Director

Jay Dillon- Grant Administrator 

Susan Perrin- Grant Administrator 

Data Management & Effort Reporting

Rita Huerta-Suarez, CPRA- Assistant Director

Suraj Keshary- Grants Data Coordinator

Research Administration

University of Kansas Medical Center
Research Administration
Mailstop 1039
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, KS 66160
Office Location: Support Services Building, Suite 120
Phone: 913-588-1261
Fax: 866-255-2129