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PKD Drug Discovery and Development Advisory Group (PKD4AG)

PKD Drug Discovery and Development Advisory Group (PKD4AG) 

The goal of the PKD4AG is to provide consultative services to guide and facilitate PKD drug discovery and development projects by academic investigators. PKD4AG is a multidisciplinary group with PKD basic science researchers (James Calvet, Darren Wallace), clinical researchers (Mireille El-Ters, Alan Yu) and drug development professionals from The Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation (IAMI, Michael Baltezor, Melinda Broward and Scott Weir).

IAMI was established at KU in 2008 with an $8 million grant from The Kauffman Foundation, with the goal of transforming basic research into medical innovations while creating a fast track to patients. It is led by a team of experts from drug development and medical device industries, foundations, and academic institutions. Drs. Weir and Baltezor have nearly 60 years of cumulative experience in the pharmaceutical and medical products industry.

Current PKD4AG members:

  • Scott Weir, Pharm.D., Ph.D. (Director, IAMI and PKD4AG Co-Chair)
  • James Calvet, Ph.D. (PKD4AG Co-Chair)
  • Michael Baltezor, Ph.D. (Deputy Director, IAMI)
  • Melinda Broward, M.S. (Project Director)
  • Mireille El-Ters, M.D.
  • Darren Wallace, Ph.D.
  • Alan Yu, M.D.

This group meets regularly on a monthly basis and can provide guidance on a broad range of issues, including:

  • Evaluation of the appropriateness of target
  • Evaluation of predicted efficacy and safety of candidate molecule
  • Advice on pre-clinical efficacy testing
  • Guidance on pharmacokinetic and toxicity testing
  • Assistance with seeking fundraising sources
  • Advice on intellectual property issues
  • Assistance with IND application

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