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Fees for Clinical Research Core clinical trial services

Below is a list of services and their fee schedule.

Service Center members External academic investigators
Research coordinator time Free* % FTE
Room rate Free $12.50/hr
Vital Signs, height, weight Free $25/hr
Phlebotomy Free $25/hr
Specimen processing Free $25/hr
Medication Administration:
     Infusion Charge
     PO, SC or IM
Iothalamate GFR $200 $300
Physical Exam MD/NP $50 $100
Kidney MRI (coronal T1 & T2) $450 $600
Genotyping service $500 Please contact Mayo Clinic core
Biomarker and exosome assays   See Biomarker Core pricing
Biostatistical support Free % FTE
Trial Design consultation Free Hourly rate to be negotiated

*%FTE for funded investigators

For-profit or industry sponsors, please contact us directly.

Kidney Institute

University of Kansas Medical Center
Kansas PKD Research and Translation Core Center
3901 Rainbow Boulevard

Kansas City, KS 66160