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Information About Protocols

Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment (MIAME)

MIAME is a set of guidelines that will assist with the development of microarray repositories and data analysis tools. MIAME has been developed continuously in accordance with our understanding of microarray technology and its applications. These guidelines have been put together by The Microarray Gene Expression Data (MGED) Society

MIAME aims to outline the minimum information required to unambiguously interpret microarray data and to subsequently allow independent verification of this data at a later stage if required.

*For more informationand to learn more about MIAME, please visit the MIAME and MINSEQE guidelines on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website.

The Microarray Facility has listed complete gene expression protocols in the links below. Investigators can review the appropriate protocol and obtain the necessary information to comply with MIAME standards. Please click on the link(s) below to view each detailed protocol:

3' Expression Protocols

Whole Transcript (WT) Sense Target Protocol

Other Expression Protocols

RNA Isolation

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