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Bioanalyzer equipmentThe Microarray Facility provides centralized access for investigators to incorporate gene expression and genomic mapping technology into their research strategies. The Microarray Facility features the GeneChip system. The GeneChip  system is composed of

  • GeneChip Scanner 3000 7G with autoloader
  • 4 GeneChip Fluidics Station 450s
  • GeneChip Hybridization Oven 645

The GeneChip system is controlled by GeneChip Command Console software (AGCC). The current available GeneChip arrays can be reviewed at

TapeStation 4200

The Agilent TapeStation 4200 is utilized by the Microarray Facility in support of the GeneChip system and the Illumina NovaSeq Sequencing system. The Tapestation allows for the rapid quantification and qualitation of nucleic acid samples submitted for GeneChip array analysis or sequence library preparation. It also serves to review controls taken during the target preparation prior to committing to the hybridization of the GeneChips arrays and to quickly validate sequence libraries.

Microarray Facility

University of Kansas Medical Center
Microarray Facility
Mailstop 3028
1015 Hemenway
2146 West 39th Avenue
Kansas City KS 66160-7421
Phone: 913-588-7127
FAX: 913-588-7131