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About the Microarray Facility

The University of Kansas Medical Center established the Microarray Facility featuring the Affymetrix GeneChip® System. Utilizing GeneChip® arrays, researchers can monitor gene/exon level expression in multiple modeling systems and conduct genome-wide interrogations. Microarray data for Internal KUMC investigators can be downloaded from the Microarray Data Management System (MDMS). Microarray Data for external investigators will be distributed using a secure FTP site. Microarray data analysis support is available through the KUMC Bioinformatics Core which operates in conjunction with the Microarray Facility.  

Microarray Facility

University of Kansas Medical Center
Microarray Facility
Mailstop 3028
1015 Hemenway
2146 West 39th Avenue
Kansas City KS 66160-7421
Phone: 913-588-7127
FAX: 913-588-7131