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Fee Schedule

  • The fees do include a standardized proteomics sample preparation including reduction, alkylation, and overnight digestion with trypsin. Samples requiring larger concentrations of trypsin or specialized preparation protocols will be assessed an additional charge. Non-trypsin enzymes are available at an additional charge (please inquire).
  • The fees below do not include the price of labeling or enrichment kits. Please coordinate with the MSP Core facility prior to purchasing any reagents or kits.
  • The current fee structure includes basic data analysis. For more in-depth analysis or assistance with manuscript or grant figures, please reach out to Michaella for any additional costs associated with these services.

Please reach out to Michaella Rekowski with additional questions.

Non-KUMC researchers interested in submitting samples to the MSP Core will need to reach out to Michaella Rekowski for external pricing.

Proteomics Services Price
Standard Label Free Analysis

- 2h DDA Analysis
- up to 1h DIA analysis

Extended Label Free Analysis

- 4h DDA Analysis
- 90 min DIA analysis

Tandem Mass Tag Multiplexing, Phosphoproteomics Analysis

- per hour of LC-MS/MS time
- please contact MSP for full pricing

Crosslinking LC-MS/MS

- 2h analysis

Targeted (MRM/PRM) analysis

- Scouting and quantitation on < 3 peptides

Small Molecule Services – Coming soon Price
Untargeted Metabolomics or Lipidomics

- 30 min analysis

Untargeted Metabolomics or Lipidomics

- 31-60 min analysis

Additional Services and Charges Price
Tissue homogenization

- per sample - includes cost of consumables

Off-line UPLC with fractionation

- per 1h separation

Specialized MS Service

- per hour

Trypsin - high concentration

- 10 samples

Mass Spectrometry/Proteomics Core Laboratory

University of Kansas Medical Center
Mass Spectrometry/Proteomics Core Laboratory
1058 Hemenway
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, Kansas 66160