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Fee Schedule

We encourage all prospective users of this facility to consult with us before submitting any sample for MS analysis (please see our policies).

For most projects, the total fee will be the combination of several of the following steps.


  1. There will be an additional 50% charge for nonprofit organizations not associated with the KU Medical Center, and 100% for for-profit organizations.
  2. For grants with effort support, this fee will be subtracted from total, until total effort available in grant is reached, then standard fee will be applied.
  3. In general, only personnel directly associated with the MSPCL have access to the instrumentation. The only exception is for trained personnel from one of the major users groups. In his case, the PI is charged for the initial training as well as the use of the instrument.
  4. The fee structure can be changed without previous notice.
  5. Special techniques: all other methodologies will be examined on a project per-project basis.

Services and Fees

Mass Spectrometry Details Fee
Mass measurement Low resolution $50
Mass measurement - High resolution $100
De novo peptide sequencing   $75/hour


Proteomics Details Fee
Sample clean up TCA/cold acetone precipitation $50.00
Gel cut   $50.00
Enzyme digestion Trypsin (up to 10 samples) $25.00
Other enzymes cost of enzyme + 50
UPLC-online MS/MS standard run (15 cm long column, 2h) $125.00
25 cm long column, 2h $250.00
Extended run (50 cm long column, 4-6h) $300.00
Additional UPLC run same sample 50% of UHPLC

Multidimensional methods

Sample separation by Reversed phase at high pH Cost of reagents + $250
Tandem Mass Tag Cost of reagents + $250
first chromatographic run as per UPLC-online MS
additional steps

half the cost

Technical replicates

half of the cost of a full experiment

MRM (multiple reaction monitoring method development (requires UPLC tandem MS run) $1,000.00
PTMs Additional hypothesis-driven  LC MS/MS for PTMs discovery $100.00


Deuterium/Hydrogen Exchange MS (DHX MS) Fee
Feasibility study $1,000.00
DHX mapping $1500/condition


Bioinformatics Details Fee
Results report We evaluate all data and provide outputs to meet your needs. $100/hr.
Computer use subject to availability $10/h


Training Details Fee
1-week training on MS basic operations, 1-month support Available only for individuals requiring extensive use of our facility

*This service is currently unavailable.


Other Services Fee
Preparation of tables and figures for publication $100.00
Data storage (*) free

NOTE: For not-for-profit and industry organizations the total cost will be increased by 50% and 100%, respectively.

*Due to the recent outbreak of the COVID-19, access to the MSPC Lab is not permitted. Thus, we are not accepting users for training.

Mass Spectrometry/Proteomics Core Laboratory

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Mass Spectrometry/Proteomics Core Laboratory
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