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Grayhawk Laboratory Overview

The Grayhawk Laboratory provides lab space to researchers studying aging-related questions.  This understanding may then be applied in a number of domains to improve the quality of life for older adults.

The Grayhawk Laboratory is an integral part of research at the Landon Center on Aging, providing both research space and access to a population of healthy older adults who volunteer as research participants.  Six testing rooms equipped with computers and tables can be flexibly arranged to accommodate a variety of research project needs.

As a platform for research activities, the Grayhawk Laboratory acts as a link between those who are interested in the study of aging and older adults in the community who are willing to contribute to knowledge of the aging process.  The Grayhawk Laboratory has been used by students and faculty from a variety of backgrounds such as occupational therapy, cognitive psychology, experimental psychology, neurology, physical therapy, social work, and medicine

Landon Center on Aging

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