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The goal of the University of Kansas Training Program in Neurological and Rehabilitation Sciences is to provide predoctoral interdisciplinary training in translational research in basic and clinical aspects of neuroscience, especially as it applies to neurological conditions amenable to rehabilitative treatments.

The interdisciplinary nature of this program is unique in that basic science trainees will be provided with valuable basic scientific insights and technical experience in neurobiological Mechanisms. The program derives expertise from both basic and clinical research to cross-fertilize research experiences of the individual trainees.

Didactic training will include core curricula for predoctoral students in the Graduate Program in Neuroscience or the Graduate Program in Rehabilitation Science, providing a firm groundwork for understanding basic genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms. In addition, short-term, summer training experiences will be offered to medical and allied health students, providing students experience with the complex interdisciplinary models that will be necessary for the next generation of therapeutic approaches in neurorehabilitation.

Neurological and Rehabilitation Sciences TrainingThe faculty includes 27 basic and clinical mentors, and an additional 11 teaching faculty who are located within nine Departments and two Schools of the Kansas University Medical Center. The strength of this group is the expertise and caliber of research faculty, the outstanding research infrastructure, the focus on translating basic neuroscientific principles to bear on neurological conditions, and the desire of both scientists and clinicians to collaborate in the interdisciplinary training of students.

Laboratory research and apprenticeships, courses, seminars, guest lectures, journal clubs, data sessions, and poster presentations will be utilized to ensure frequent interaction of the trainees and faculty. The recruitment and selection of trainees will be coordinated through an Internal Advisory Committee, with input from all the participating faculty. In addition, the program will be monitored by an External Advisory Committee, composed of national leaders in graduate training in neuroscience and rehabilitation science.

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