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Diane Clark
Administrative Director


Diane is responsible for the day-to-day operational oversight of the Landon Center on Aging. 

Deborah Barton
Information Resource Specialist


Deborah provides support for the community outreach, administrative and research programs at the Landon Center on Aging. She also serves as editorial manager for Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair. 

Matt Chandler
Program Director


Matt is Program Director for the Life Enrichment and Wellness programs for the Community Outreach Program.

Jonathan Estrada
Student/Resident Coordinator


Jonathan provides administrative support for medical students and Residents during their Geriatric Medicine rotations.

Iva Hornor
Lead Fitness Instructor


Iva is the Lead Fitness Instructor in the Landon Center on Aging. Iva has a BA in Physical Education and Health. She leads exercise classes for older adults at the Landon Fitness Center.

Myra Hyatt, LSCSW
Social Worker


Myra serves as a social worker to both the Community Outreach Program and the Geriatric Medicine Clinic. She has 20+ years of experience providing social work services to seniors and their families.

Tanya Rehma
Project Manager


Tanya oversees the day-to-day administrative functions of the Geriatric Fellowship program. She is a project manager and trained leader for the Chronic Disease Self Management Workshop and the Walk With Ease program. She also enjoys teaching an older adult Stretch and Balance class.

Kathryn Swagerty
Project Manager - Organizational Improvement


Kathryn sets, administers, and monitors the strategic direction of the Landon Center on Aging.

Miceala Tinoco
Senior Administrative Assistant


Miceala's duties include ordering supplies, maintaining office inventory supplies, backup timekeeper, and scheduling the classroom and all meeting rooms at the Landon Center on Aging. She also serves as the receptionist for the Center's administrative offices.

Laura Hughes Zahner
Research Associate


Laura is a Physical Therapist and Research Associate involved in the Geriatric Interprofessional Clinics, the community exercise and lifestyle classes, as well as research in the Mobility and Falls Lab.

Landon Center on Aging

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