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Research Methods and Advanced Technologies in Biomedical Research

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The biomedical grant funding situation is challenging these days. With every proposal that is submitted to NIH or any other agency, it is now becoming clear that a grant application with high innovation, cutting edge translational science and novel ideas is given preference over the regular applications where routine techniques are used. To prepare our young scientists for future challenges and to help our current post docs, research staff and faculty, we are excited to share the development of a new course entitled, "Research Methods and Advanced Technologies (RMAT) in Biomedical Research." In this course, every fall semester, invited experts will share their expertise on new technologies and new developments from older technologies. This course will be directed by Dr. Robin Maser (Dept. of Clin. Lab. Sciences) and Dr. Madhulika Sharma (Internal Medicine), both faculty members of the Jared Grantham Kidney Institute. Lectures will be held in the Jared Grantham Conference Room, 6016 Wahl Hall East (WHE) unless otherwise noted below. The RMAT series is also a part of a course offered by the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology (ANAT 870), directed by Dr. Madhulika Sharma. In the fall of 2018, two IGPBS students successfully completed this course. In 2019, there were no students enrolled, however seminars series took place and audience from several departments took advantage of these seminar series. We are constantly thriving to make this series as useful to scientists as possible both as a seminar series and ANAT 870 course.

If you are not a member of the Kidney Institute and would like additional information on this seminar series, please contact Dr. Madhulika Sharma at 913-945-9393 or

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