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Services and Equipment


Reservations are made through Bookkit. Access to the reservation calendar will be permitted following training. Please contact to make an appointment for training.


A1R2037a inverted Eclipse TiE with A1R confocal

Nikon Eclipse TiE inverted motorized microscope with perfect focus is attached to an A1R-SHR confocal, with an A1-DU4 detector and an A1-DUT Transmitted detector.  The system has a four-line LU4 laser launch with 404nm, 488nm, 561nm, and 640nm solid state (OPSL) lasers. It is equipped with both high-speed resonant and high-resolution Galvano confocal scanning modes. This system also has TIRF microscopy capabilities with a 405/488/561/638 quad cube and Quad, 525/50,60/50/ and 700/75 emission filters with NiDAQ fast triggering. TIRF allows for the selective excitation of fluorophores within ~100nm of the coverslip and on this system emissions are imaged with an iXon Ultra 897 Andor EMCCD camera, which has high quantum efficiency, extremely low noise (<e- with EM gain), and a fast readout of up to 17MHz. This system also has a stage top incubation system, Chamlide TC, for live-cell imaging with humidity and temperature controls, and it is currently hooked up to a 5% CO2 compressed air tank (tank located in 2047).

Leica TCS SP8 STED 3x Super Resolution Microscope / SP8 Confocal Microscope with Lightning

Leica TCS SPE confocal Microscope

The fluorescent imaging of the STED facilitates the study of subcellular architecture and dynamics. The fully integrated STED (STimulated Emission Depletion) system meets the needs of daily research and provides fast, intuitive, and purely optical access to structural details far beyond the diffraction limit. Resolution is tunable in x, y and z.

Leica TCS SPE Confocal Microscope


The Leica TCS SPE confocal is configured with a Leica DM550 Q upright microscope and has the following objectives:

  • ACS APO 10X/ 0.30 CS
  • ACS APO 20X/ 0.75 CS
  • ACS APO 40X/ 1.15 Oil CS
  • ACS APO 63X/ 1.30 Oil CS

The following features are as described in the Leica TCS SPE brochure:

  • The Leica TCS SPE confocal is a true point-scanning, spectral system for fluorescence imaging of fixed cells.
  • Providing all of the features needed for routine confocal techniques, it offers excellent quality imaging.
  • The system is easy to use, and the first results are quickly achieved, even by confocal novices.
  • The common Leica LAS AF interface facilitates direct operation.
  • The Leica TCS SPE is the only confocal in its class that provides true spectral detection suitable for lambda scans.

Fast Results by Easy and Time-Saving System Operation
Predefined user settings, the possibility to store personal settings, and the precise alignment of instrument parameters make the system easy to operate with only little training effort.

Get More Information Out of Your Sample
The highly dynamic integrated photomultiplier offers high signal efficiency and reduces photo damage. It prolongs the lifetime of samples and optimizes the yield of information.

The system offers 488, 561, and 635 nm solid state lasers for excitation, and a 405 nm excitation option for nuclear staining.

Fluorescent compound microscopes

90i2047 90i upright fluorescent microscope with motorized stage

Brightfield and Fluorescence


  • 4X/10X/20X
  • DIC M N2Plan Fluor 40x , DIC M/N2Plan Apo 60x
  • Epi cubes
  • UV-2E/C Excitation 360/40nm, Dichroic 400nm, Emission 460/50 nm
  • CY GFP Ex436/20, Di455, Em480/40
  • HQ:F Ex480/40, Di505, Em535/50
  • TXRED-4040B-NTE Semrock Brightline Ex562/40, Di593, Em624/40
  • HQ:Cy5 Ex620/60, Di660, Em700/75

ti20002047 TE2000E inverted motorized fluorescent microscope

Brightfield and Fluorescence


  • Plan Apo 4x /10X
  • Plan Apo/Fluor ELWD 20x
  • Plan Fluor ELWD 40x
  • Plan Apo 60x 
  • Epi cubes 
  • V-2A Nikon Excitation 400/40nm, Dichroic 430nm, Emission 444nm
  • ET DAPI Ex 350/50, Di 400, Em 460/50
  • ET-GFP Ex470/40, Di 495, Em 525/50
  • ET/mCH/TR  Ex560/55, Di 585, Em 630/75 
  • ET Cy5 Ex 620/60, Di 660, Em 700/75

manual 80i2047 80i upright manual fluorescent microscope

Fluorescent and Brightfield 


  • 1X/2X Plan UW
  • 4x/20X Plan Fluor
  • 10x/40X DIC
  • 20x Plan Fluor 
  • Epi cubes 
  • UV-2E/C Excitation 360/40, Dichroic 400, Emission 460/50
  • HQ:F Ex480/40, Di505, Em535/50
  • HQ:TR Ex560/55, Di595, Em6495/75
  • Cy5-4040-NTE Semrock Brightline, Ex628/40, Di594 - 651 nm, 669 - 726 nm, Em692/40

3019 80i3019 80i upright fluorescent microscope

Brightfield, Darkfield, and Fluorescence


  • Plan Apo 2X/4X/10X/20X/40X/60X
  • Epi cubes
  • UV-2E/C  Ex 360/40 Di 400 Em 460/50
  • HQ:F Ex480/40 Di 505 Em 535/50
  • HQ:TR Ex560/55 Di595 Em 645/75 
  • Cy5-4040 -NTE Semrock Brightline Ex628/40 Di 594 - 651 nm, 669 - 726 nm Em 692 /40

ix713019 Olympus IX71 inverted fluorescent microscope

Fluorescence, Brightfield, and Phase contrast


  • PlanAPO 2X; UPlanFl 4X/10X; LCPlanFl 20X/40X/60X
  • Epi cubes
  • UV, Excitation 350/50nm, Dichroic 400nm, Emission 420nm Long Pass
  • Blue GFP II, EX 380/30, Di 420, Em 460/50
  • EN GFP, Ex 470/40, Di 495, Em 525/50
  • HQ:FITC, Ex 480/40, Di 505, Em 535/50
  • HQ:R/DiI, Ex 540/25, Di 565, Em 605/55


2031 Leica MZ FLII fluorescent stereomicroscope

Room 2031 is a physiology/surgical suite.  All procedures must have an approved ACUP.  This is a shared room, so please coordinate with other occupants.

The Leica MZ FL III is a fluorescent stereomicroscope with a 12.5:1 zoom

It has a mercury lamp with the following filter choices with color camera for image capture:

V- 425/40nm ex, 475nm em
GFP2- 480/40nm ex, 510nm em
RdsR- 535/50nm ex, 610/75nm em
G- 546/10nm ex, 590nm em
TxRD - 560/40nm ex, 630/60nm em

SMZ 15002047 SMZ1500 fluorescent stereomicroscope

Brightfield and Fluorescence


  • P-HR Plan Apo 1x/1.6X
  • Epi cubes
  • Cyan (ECFP) Ex 436/20 Di 455 Em 480/40
  • Endow GFP Bandpass 470/40 Di 495 Em 525/50
  • TRITC (DsRed) Ex 545/30 Di 570 Em 620/60
  • Camera
  • Nikon color Digital Sight DS-2Mv with a DS-U2 controller

High Content Microscope

2051 High Content Analysis fluorescent microscope

Nikon Eclipse TiE with HL20C plate loader

For brightfield or fluorescent high content imaging of multiple plates or slides contact Sarah Tague (

Offline workstations

High Content2047 High Content Analysis Computer

Zenith Workstation - HP Z840

  • Processor - dual Intel Xeon 3.5 GHz processors (8 cores total)
  • Memory - 256GB DDR4 2400 Mhz RAM 
  • Video - GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5XGPU
  • Storage - 1TB Turbo SSD for OS, 6TB (3GBx2 Raid 0) data storage
  • Screen - 34" Ultra Wide Curved Display with 3440 x 1440 resolution
  • Software - Nikon NIS-Elements Advanced research, with General Analysis (Automated image analysis) and Extended Depth of Focus. Adobe suite Stereoinvestigator (MBF Bioscience) Cellprofiler Image J/ FIJI

2047 Common PC Workstation


  • Adobe suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Microsoft Office
  • ImageJ / FIJI

This workstation does not have Nikon NIS-Elements.