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Rodent Surgical Services

Disease Model and Assessment Core staff members are proficient in a number of surgical techniques.  The DMA Core maintains an IACUC-approved Animal Care and Use Protocol that describes and provides for provision of the following services:

  • Cortical Impact (rat or mouse)
  • Ovariectomy (rat or mouse)
  • Venipuncture (rat)
  • Craniotomy (rat or mouse)
  • Non-invasive blood pressure (rat or mouse)

All Investigators wishing to utilize DMA surgical services need to hold an IACUC-approved Animal Care and Use Protocol for the proposed procedure(s).  For off-site investigators, a memorandum of agreement must be arranged in advance of usage of DMA Core services.  

Additionally, the DMA Core staff maintains a surgical suite on the second floor of Hemenway, a physiology suite in Hemenway, and a surgical suite within the Hemenway vivarium. 

For access to these resources or to get more information about the services listed, please contact Michelle Winter,