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Rodent Behavior and Surgery services are offered to provide Investigators with a range of services designed to generate and evaluate rodent models of human disease. 

The mission of the KUMC Rodent Behavior Facility (RBF) is to assist researchers in incorporating and executingsensorimotor behavioral research techniques using rodents in their individual research projects. The KUMC RBF provides both equipment and services, and is available for use following appropriate training and approval.

All users must hold an Animal Care and Use Proposal approved by the KUMC IACUC for the proposed studies. For off-site investigators, a memorandum of agreement must be arranged in advance prior to usage of the facility. The KUMC RBF is supported by Laboratory Animal Resources which furnishes space and veterinary supervision for the facility.

Additionally, core staff offers a range of surgical services that can be utilized to create rat or mouse models of disease, and many biochemical outcomes can be measured using the core's menu of Immuno Assay offerings.  Investigators can choose to utilize the full range of services and enjoy "one-stop-shopping". Alternatively, a subset of services may be employed as needed to conform to specific project demands.


The SensoriMotor RBF services are underwritten by significant funding from the  Kansas Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (NIH U54 HD 090216)  and the Kansas IDeA Network for Biomedical Research Excellence (P20 RR016475). Investigators are asked to acknowledge the contribution of this funding in publications, posters, or presentations whose content includes experiments conducted in this facility.

The directors of the facility and the external funding sources greatly appreciate your consideration of this request, as proper acknowledgement increases the visibility of these important core facilities, services, and their funding sources.