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Give to the Institute for Neurological Discoveries

Together we can do great things

Every day, gifts to the Institute for Neurological Discoveries help advance our understanding of neurological disorders so that our research teams can keep attacking neurological disease. Every day, we come a little closer to another discovery, another treatment and another cure. 

These breakthroughs happen because our donors share our belief that together, we will accomplish great things.

Give to IND

About KU Endowment

The University of Kansas Medical Center partners with KU Endowment for philanthropic support. If you have more questions about ways you can support our department, please visit KU Endowment’s contact page.

If you would like more information on the various ways you can support the University of Kansas or how your philanthropy should be designated in your legal documents, please visit KU Endowment’s Areas of Support page.

Institute for Neurological Discoveries