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What We Do

We are uniquely positioned to make discoveries to improve the lives of patients who suffer from neurological diseases and injury. As the regional resource for advancing neuroscience research, the Institute for Neurological Discoveries, based at KU Medical Center, is all about team-based scientific discovery. We unite over 120 basic and clinical neuroscientists in different disciplines from nine institutions to work collaboratively as teams. We are also one of only 13 NIH Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Centers.

No Cures, Few Therapies

Roughly one out of three Americans will experience a significant neurological disorder in their lifetime. Everyone is potentially affected — children born with developmental disabilities, teens playing high school sports, mothers with migraines, fathers with Huntington's disease, and our aging parents at risk of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. These are dehumanizing diseases that are costly not only to the affected individual, but to their families and society as a whole. There are no cures and few effective therapies.

Team-Based Strength

We are a regional resource intended to consolidate the Kansas City area's many strengths in the clinical and basic neurosciences. We serve as a crucible for creating interdisciplinary teams that are able to address problems related to neurological disorders. A primary strength of the Institute for Neurological Discoveries is its ability to respond quickly to private or government funding opportunities by being able to rapidly assemble teams of researchers that bring appropriate and often unique skills to the table.

Institute for Neurological Discoveries