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Giving Opportunities Overview

The Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation (IAMI) was established in 2009 to lead drug discovery and development for the University of Kansas Cancer Center (KUCC). IAMI is a key differentiator for KUCC and was one of the primary influencing factors in our achieving National Cancer Institute designation in 2012.

IAMI was designed to create strategic collaborations both internal to the University and with experts around the world to translate innovative research and discoveries into new medical treatment for patients. We now have four key focuses:

Product Development - Focused Translational Research
Our goal is to translate laboratory discoveries into drugs, diagnostics and medical devices with a clear path to market.

Partnerships & Collaborations
IAMI has created a new collaboration model that leverages our region's unique assets in drug discovery and development. In particular, IAMI's collaboration with Children's Mercy Hospital leverages core strengths in pediatrics, genomic medicine, orphan drug disease indications and cancer drug discovery.

Translation Enabling
The institute seeks to translate innovative research into new medical treatments and technologies using philanthropic gifts. IAMI also strives to create strategic collaborations, both internal to the University of Kansas and with experts around the world, to transform new discoveries into products for patients.

Drug Repurposing
Drug repurposing is the practice of studying approved drugs to translate research findings into new medicines. This approach provides rapid translation from bench to bedside and dramatically reduces costs to advance a drug to the clinic. Repurposing has become a major IAMI strategy, with current projects involving industry, government, academia and disease philanthropy partners.

Project Management
IAMI enables projects by making product development focused investments, facilitates the development of medical innovations through the formation of multidisciplinary, multi-organizational project teams and manages execution of project plans.

All donations made to IAMI are received through  KU Endowment, an independent, nonprofit organization and the official fundraising foundation for the University of Kansas.

Make a Gift

KU Endowment is an independent, nonprofit organization and the official fundraising foundation for the University of Kansas. KU Endowment partners with donors in providing philanthropic support to build a greater KU.

Established in 1891 as America's first foundation for a public university, we embrace our responsibility to inspire philanthropy for KU, and we are committed to following the highest standards of service and ethical conduct when it comes to managing donors' gifts for the benefit of the university.

The support of donors helps make KU a world-class institution.  State financing covers only about 20 percent of KU's total operating expenses. Therefore, private gifts play a major role in virtually all activities of the university.

Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation