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Tapestri Single-Cell System

The Mission Bio Tapestri system provides single-cell DNA genotyping using pre-configured or custom gene panels. The Tapestri instrument uses microfluidic droplet technology to combine barcoding beads anchored to gene-specific primers to provide a high-throughput single-cell genomics workflow for targeted DNA sequencing of Human DNA. The Tapestri is compatible with samples sourced from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC), bone marrow aspirate-derived mononuclear cells and nuclei from solid tumors. Using targeted or custom gene panels, the Tapestri platform can identify rare subclones missed by standard bulk sequencing, identify co-mutation patterns and zygosity in subclones. The targeted single-cell genomic libraries are Illumina NovaSeq 6000 compatible for sequence interrogation.   

Benefits of Tapestri single-cell DNA targeted panels

Perform a targeted survey on thousands of single cells to identify:

  • SNVs
  • Indels
  • CNVs
  • LOHs
  • Translocations
Genome Sequencing Facility

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