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About the Flow Cytometry Core Lab


Marie Mahnke
Research Associate
Hemenway 3037

Richard Hastings
Technical Director
Hemenway 3037

Flow Cytometry Technician
Hemenway 3037

Mary Markiewicz, Ph.D.
Scientific Director
3010 Hixon

No walk-ins with samples, please!

Reservations for use of the analyzers can be made through  Bookkit. Access to meeting room manager is granted upon the successful training of the investigator by the Flow Cytometry Core Director.

Reservations for the FACSAria or Aurora CS can be made by e-mailing Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory staff.

Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory

University of Kansas Medical Center
Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory
Mail Stop 3050
3037 Hemenway
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, KS 66160