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Service Internal
(KU Medical Center)
(non-KU Medical Center)
Glacios Grid Screening
(load up to 11 grids)
$75/hour $116/hour
High-Resolution Image collection (24 hr) $1,253/grid $1,942/grid
Sample Preparation $76/sample $118/sample
Vitrobot Usage $30/hour $47/hour
Sample Prep Workshop $118/participant $183/participant
Other Specialized Core Services $78/hour $121/hour
Analysis Server Utilization $99/mo $153/mo
Initial Sample Prep and Optimization Session
(up to 4 grids, ~2 hr)
$193/sample $299/sample

*Academic pricing for federally-funded projects available upon request.

Electron Microscopy Research Laboratory

University of Kansas Medical Center
B015 Lied Biomedical Research Building
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, KS 66160