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Q&A for Providers


KUCTT is a telemedicine and telehealth research center and is particularly interested in trying new telehealth technologies or models, advancing public policy, conducting research and educating other health care professionals about telemedicine. KUCTT provides some telemedicine clinical consultations but usually in the context of a research or education grant or project. KUCTT generally does not initiate telehealth services for long-term clinical care only and often refers to these types of requests to The University of Kansas Health System.

For a project that will utilize telemedicine for research or education purposes, please contact KUCTT. For a clinical telemedicine or telehealth service that is purely for clinical outreach purposes and has no research or education component, please contact Jason Grundstrom of The University of Kansas Health System for more information.

KUCTT is interested in guiding or participating in a wide range of telemedicine and telehealth projects that advance our understanding of telemedicine and how it can be best utilized to treat patients and improve the health care system. Projects that test new service locations, emerging technologies, unique therapies, telehealth cost models or other outcomes are of interest to us. Please contact KUCTT for a research consultation if you have ideas for a new telemedicine application.

While the KUCTT office has several locations from which you can conduct a telemedicine visit, most often the technology can be implemented right in your own office. Options include a separate video system or through software installed on your computer or mobile devices. The advantage of this model is that providers can conduct telemedicine clinics from the convenience of their offices, homes or other locations using the same computer hardware they use to access email, electronic health records, and other information.

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