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Why is IPE important for students?

  • 80% of serious medical errors occur as a result of miscommunication between caregivers (The Joint Commission, 2012).
  • Get to know individuals from other professions on campus and who you will someday work with.
  • Improve teamwork, collaboration, and communication both now and in the future
  • Facilitate an understanding of roles of other healthcare team members.
  • Develop a greater appreciation for one's own professional identity as it relates to the professional identity of other disciplines.
  • Increase your knowledge of clinical practice by working alongside and learning with, about, and from individuals in other disciplines.

Joint Commission. (2012),  Joint Commission Perspectives, 32(8). 

"Interprofessional education is on the forefront of health education. Being able to work with administrators, faculty and other students to enhance our educational experience has been an enlightening and enjoyable experience. I know that these experiences will shape my future career as I work in health care."