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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the list below of frequently asked questions regarding requests.

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Submitting a request is easy in iLab. Forms are separately available for histology services, specimen requests and repository services. Please visit our request page for more details. 

Investigators within KUMC can request samples at any time. Other qualified, collaborating institutions may also request samples. Sample requests will be reviewed by an internal advisory board committee for scientific merit. Approved projects will be allowed to access samples.

No. As long as only de-identified samples are required for research, an IRB submission is not required. If samples will be used for IND/IDE submission, data reviewed by the FDA, or will involve the use of an in-vitro diagnostic device, then further review from the IRB is required. 

Speedtypes are grant numbers or other versions of internal (KUMC labs) accounting numbers. Example of speedtype begin with 'QC,' 'QS,' or 'RFF.' Outside billing numbers are speedtypes created by the controller's office and begin with 'OB.' Outside billing numbers are used for external KUMC accounts such as KU endowment funds or research funds from external institutions (non-KUMC labs). To request an outside billing number, please contact the BRCF for assistance at

Please fill out the Specimen Request form in iLab with all applicable fields filled out. In the Specimen Grid, leave the column "Total # of Patients" blank and mark the question "Is this an ongoing request?" Yes. Invoices will be created monthly from this single request. You do not have to submit a request for every collection or every month!  

Please fill out the request for Repository Services request form in iLab with the applicable services marked. For the field "How many study participants are anticipated?," please enter ongoing and mark the question "Is this an ongoing request?" Yes. Invoices will be created monthly from this single request. You do not have to submit a request for every patient or collection!

No. Each request form includes the question "Is this an ongoing project?" towards the bottom. If you intend on requesting services for the exact same project with the exact same billing information (i.e. outside billing number or speedtype) over a period of time, please answer this question, "Yes," and the request will be left open for your convenience. 

For internal users (KUMC labs) grant speedtypes are assigned by the PI of each lab. If a speedtype does not appear at the end of the request form, please contact your PI or approved iLab financial manager to assign a speedtype to you. For external users (non-KUMC labs) a outside billing number for the speedtype must be requested by completing the Application for Special Services Account PDF and returning it to the controller's office. The institution will assign an outside billing account for you. For help with this, contact us at

When researchers use an outside billing account number instead of a speedtype, the controller's office collects payment for the iLab charges. iLab generates an invoices detailing the charges and the controller's office sends a separate notice indicating how to remit a payment. The invoice from the controller's office reflects the same charges in iLab, not new charges. The purpose of the second document is to provide information on how to remit a payment directly to the controller's office instead of directly to the BRCF.

Assign a financial manager in iLab to handle all the speedtypes and account accesses for your lab. A designated financial manager in iLab will be able to assign speedtypes to all lab members. To assign a financial manager in the iLab system: 

  1. Navigate to the left-hand side of the screen to "manage" and click on "my labs." Click on the appropriate lab. 
  2. On the right hand side of the screen will be a "Members" tab for all the individuals under that lab. Click on the tab. 
  3. Locate the person you wish to assign as the financial manager. In the same line on the far right hand side of the screen is a little yellow pencil. Click on the yellow pencil.
  4. Editable fields will appear including a "Core Financial Contact" checkbox. Click on the checkbox and SAVE.

Once complete this individual will be able to assign speedtypes on behalf of the PI. 

If you still need help
Please call 913-588-4765 or email for assistence with requests.

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